Sugar Gliders are tiny marsupials that have actually shared genes with the Koala Bear and the Kangaroo, and also they originate from Australian and also Indonesian rainforests. These cute marsupials are called “sugar gliders” in recommendation to the fact that lock A: have actually a gliding membrane stretching from their ankles to your wrists (similar to a paris squirrel) and also B: they have a very sweet tooth and love to eat anything through a organic sweetness come it, prefer fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Sugar gliders are exotic pets and like exotic food, however the necessary thing to know when it concerns feeding your sugar glider is that, much like a healthy human diet, you do not do it confuse what street gliders favor from what is good for them. A sugar glider’s diet should be well balanced, nutritional, and above all – simple. Leading veterinarian Dr. David Brust recommends that the sugar glider diet have to consist the 75 percent pellets, 20 percent fresh fruit and veg, and 5 percent treats.

Because wild street gliders feeding on things prefer eucalyptus gum, nectar, lizards, and bird eggs, it have the right to be complicated to replicate this kind of diet in captivity. Conflict information throughout the net about the correct diet for sugar gliders has actually only included to the man for owners. So, v the assist of skilled tips native exotic animal vets, us hope we can finish the confusion and controversy approximately the right and wrong foods for your sugar glider. Here’s a look in ~ what and what no to feed them, their benefits, and feeding routine.

What Food must Sugar Gliders Eat?

Sugar gliders favor fruit and also vegetables that have a sweet taste, therefore small, closely controlled portions of fresh, un-canned fruit and veg will make up a well balanced diet because that them. These include:


In enhancement to sweet fruits and also veg, your street glider should additionally have enough protein foods items in their diet to do up around a third of their everyday intake.

Most that their everyday protein needs can be met through a portion of high quality nutrition-rich pellets (feed lock approx 1/4 come a 1/3 that a cup/2-3 oz a job of a high quality pellet brand such together Nutri Max sugar Glider Diet or Exotic Nutrition’s Premium Diet).

You shouldn’t feed them a sole diet of pellets for their protein entry though, so keep things varied for your sugar glider by offering them foods items such as:

Small pieces of cooked lean meat/poultry (plain,unseasoned)Plain yogurtTofu Hard-boiled eggs

The most crucial takeaway here is the sugar gliders have the right to have sugar, yet it’s necessary that friend stick to foods with naturally occurring sugars prefer honey and the above-mentioned fruits and sweet vegetables. Life sugar, liquid or sugar substitutes of any kind need to be avoided completely (more ~ above what foods items to avoid later).

You likewise need to take treatment to limit their sugar intake with careful part control of your fruit and veg.

A 1/8 of an apple (or 1 segment/slice), because that example, will be an proper daily part for a sugar glider, or the indistinguishable weight to this if you space feeding lock a part of carrot or peas (i.e. 1 tablespoon of fruit or veg per day).

What vegetables are great for sugar Gliders?

The adhering to vegetables are good to include in your sugar glider’s diet. Simply note that the veg should constantly be to wash thoroughly prior to being inserted in your cage to protect against sugar gliders from gift exposed to any type of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. For this reason, it deserve to sometimes be ideal to buy necessary veg for your sugar glider.

TomatoesSquashCarrots (in little amounts)BroccoliBrussel sproutsSpinach (in tiny amounts)SweetcornLettuce (in little amounts)Sweet potato

We’ll discuss foods that space not recommended for sugar gliders later on on, yet for now, it’s important to note that while carrots, spinach, and lettuce room perfectly fine, safe foods items for your sugar glider, it is argued that you must be a tiny sparing with these certain veggies as they have an extremely low nutritional value for sugar gliders, therefore feeding them these in excess will median they are doing not have in their an essential nutrients.

Fruits and Their benefits for sugar Gliders

The sweet tooth of sugar gliders absolutely directs them in the direction of the sweeter end of the fruit spectrum, but amongst the fruit they love – apples, pears, mangoes, grapes, pears, melons, and so on – street gliders get numerous of the very same benefits that humans receive from a diet affluent in fruit. Firstly, sugar gliders have actually much more variety and interest in their diet than most tamed pets!

A more important benefit though is the reality that this varied and exotic bunch that fruit in your diet is packed with nutrients and also vitamins to help them remain regular and also fighting fit (did you know that, with the assist of a healthy, well balanced diet, most pet street gliders deserve to live to be about 12 come 14 year old?). This wide variety of fruit likewise increases their water entry to assist them continue to be sufficiently hydrated alongside their water bottle.

What are great Treats for Sugar Gliders?


Treats must only do up about 5 percent that a sugar glider’s diet, so try to be rather sparing with them. (One every couple of days is probably much more appropriate than a day-to-day treat). Sugar gliders love insects, therefore crickets, earthworms, and mealworms all make an excellent treats and are a great source of protein (but also high in fat!).

A small section of chopped fruit like pear or figs is a good treat alternative too, as room raw, unsalted nuts – an additional favorite food of sugar gliders, yet like insects, they have actually a high fat content, so only give them the end sparingly. Pet shop online and also local to you will additionally have a variety of preservative-free treats that room most suitable for street gliders.

Other Foods appropriate for Pet sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are well-known to be fairly picky eaters, therefore it’s always an excellent to be prepared with other foodstuffs to sell them to gain a feeling of what lock enjoy.

As strange together it sounds, some owners have argued dry cat and dog food – this can be comparable in taste and also texture to the encourage pellets in a sugar glider’s diet and also offer a most the very same nutrients and protein lock need. If you decision to use dried dog and also cat food come feed her sugar glider though, wednesday recommend making use of it sparingly and also asking your neighborhood vet around the appropriate amounts to feed them based upon their age, weight, etc.

In addition to feeding your sugar glider a mix that the recommended fruit and also vegetables, pellets and also treats, numerous owners swear by a formula recognized as the ‘Leadbeaters Mix’ that has been especially designed because that sugar gliders, and also it is one that has actually been commonly advised through exotic animal experts, including veterinarian and also author top top the topic of exotic pets Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney.

Dr.Johnson-Delaney arisen this formula by studying the natural diet of sugar gliders in the wild and also has worked with Australian zookeepers and fellow vets to produce the Leadbeaters Mix.

The Recipe because that the Leadbeaters Mix is together Follows:


150 ml warmth water150 ml honey1 boiled egg (shelled)25 g the a high protein infant cereal1 tsp the a vitamin or mineral supplement


Mix the warmth water and also honey, blend the egg, climate gradually add in the water and also honey mixture. Following blend in the liked vitamin or supplement powder till the mixture is smooth, and finally, add the baby grain until smooth. You deserve to then store this mix refrigerated and also serve 1 tablespoon of this mix daily to your sugar glider in the evening, together its daily part of fruit/veg and also pellets.

There’s no getting approximately it – a sugar glider’s diet deserve to be notoriously daunting to mimic in captivity, however if you’re ready to make a tiny effort through their feeding, then there’s no reason why girlfriend won’t be able to keep a healthy and happy street glider together a pet.

Most Toxic foods for street Gliders

Sugar gliders will certainly eat nearly anything sweet that is put in front of them, however many that the sweet stuff we crave is toxicity to sugar gliders – therefore be certain that they steer fine clear the these toxic foods and also drinks:

ChocolateCandyAny sweetsCanned fruitUnnatural sweetenersSugar substitutesAny beverage include caffeine (teas, coffees, sodas etc)Fruit pits and also seeds (apple seeds particularly as lock contain trace amounts of Cyanide)

Non-Toxic, but Not Recommended, foods Sugar Gliders need to Avoid

There are countless foods out there that may seem ideal for your sugar glider, but because they sell no genuine nutritional value or danger making them ill as result of contamination, lock are ideal avoided. Therefore the complying with lists the foods items that street gliders space not encourage to have:

Raw meat or eggsLettuceCauliflowerUnwashed fruit or vegCheeseIce-creamFlavored yogurt (in excess)OnionGarlicRhubarbBird seedLima beansBlackberriesStrawberriesCollard greensBeets

Also together we’ve pointed out earlier, the adhering to treats have the right to be harmful to your sugar glider once consumed in big amounts (due to high fat or organic sugar content, being low in nutritional worth or being also low in calcium) – overabundance fruit, mealworm and other insects, nuts, corn, pork, and seeds.

As well together making certain they prevent or limit the over foods, it’s likewise important to be conscious of the threats that an unbalanced diet deserve to have on her sugar glider’s health.

Sugar gliders room prone come metabolic bone condition as a an outcome of having an improper proportion of calcium and phosphorous foodstuffs (meats and poultry etc) in their diet. If their diet is greater in phosphorous than calcium, this calcium imbalance can an outcome in the nutrient being leached from their bones and other organization to redress the balance – making her sugar glider prone to fractures and also many other health and wellness complications.

For this reason, owners space normally motivated to include calcium additional to your pet street glider’s diet come ensure castle will constantly have the best balance that calcium and phosphorous.

Veterinarians at the Arizona Exotic animal Hospital introduce a calcium based multivitamin through brands prefer Glide-A-Mins or VitaMax – sprinkled easy over their fruit and veg portions every various other day or blended in with apple sauce or necessary yogurt and hand-fed come them.

How many Times carry out You feeding a street Glider a Day?

You need to ideally feed her sugar glider when a job in the afternoon or at an early stage evening – castle sleep a lot throughout the day, so feeding time must usually be ideal after they wake up up.

Try to make certain that their daily meal is made up of 1 part vitamins (fruit/veg), 1 component protein (either in pellet or food form), and also 1 component calcium (this deserve to consist the calcium rich-fruits choose papaya, berries or plain yogurt). Also, make certain they have fresh bottled water in your cage and adjust this the end daily.

How Long have the right to Sugar Gliders walk Without Food?

If they have water, sugar gliders could live without food for approximately 3 days, yet this is cruel and also shouldn’t it is in tested. Sugar gliders must be fed new food daily, so us wouldn’t advise leaving them longer than 24 hours without food.

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