Guinea pigs are among the most popular indoor pets, specifically in families with children.

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Healthy guinea pigs, additionally called cavies, have the right to be an extremely social and playful through their owners.They connect by squealing and also demonstrate their delight by “popcorning” (bouncing in the air). But just like many pocket pets, guinea pigs need to be adequately cared because that to ensure castle live a full and healthy life.

What is poisonous to guinea pigs? Guinea pigs room herbivores; therefore, they cannot eat anything obtained from animals, nor can they it is in fed particular fruits, vegetables, and household plants due to their toxicity come cavies. Concerning toys, any type of item with a end up (paint, lacquer, varnish, wax) that can be chewed off and also ingested or with little pieces that have the right to be bitten off and also choked on, must be avoided.

Because the their herbal behavior, guinea pigs will try to eat something that will certainly fit in your mouths and also will chew on something in your cages.

There is no way to train them out of this behavior, so the is ideal to adapt to them. Review on to uncover out what is poisonous to guinea pigs, as well as the foods and toys that you need to avoid offering them to help ensure that they live healthy and balanced lives.

What foods are Poisonous to Guinea Pigs?

Not just are guinea pigs voracious eaters, however they also love to chew things. This is a necessary habits considering the their teeth proceed to grow throughout their lifetime.Chewing, biting, and gnawing on toys helps store their teeth size in check and also prevents future dental problems. since of this instincts, however, the pets owner demands to for sure that only cavy-safe playthings are placed in the cage.

Guinea pigs are naturally playful, and keeping them energetic is crucial to their health and also well-being. If you have actually a guinea pig, toys are a must.

Here are a couple of helpful accuse when choosing safe toys for your guinea pigs:

Avoid playthings that space finished v paint, varnish, stain, or lacquer, together these room harmful substances that can be ingested by her guinea pig as soon as biting, chewing, or gnawing top top them.Avoid toys that room assembled with glue, which might be toxic if ingested, or held together with tiny staples or nails, together these may likewise be ingested or choked on.Avoid playthings that have tiny parts that deserve to be bitten off due to the fact that they might pose a choking danger for her guinea pig.Avoid toys with plastic components since tiny pieces have the right to be chewed off and swallowed (even if the plastic chin is nontoxic, it may cause injury passing v the guinea pig’s cradle system).

Are There toys that space Safe because that my Guinea Pig?

When it pertains to safe playthings to occupy and also entertain your tiny friend, there room plenty of alternatives available.The most essential thing to remember is that these toys will it is in bitten, chewed, and gnawed on native the moment you location them in the cage with your guinea pig.It is for sure to assume that everything material the toys space made from will certainly eventually find their method into your cavy’s mouth.

Natural fiber balls are an excellent for guinea pigs, together are organic chew toys of various shapes and sizes.

Final think on Guinea Pig Care

While guinea pigs can provide endless entertainment and even companionship come a love owner or family, they perform require a details level of duty in their feeding and care.In particular, a guinea pig owner needs to it is in acutely aware of what can and cannot it is in fed to cavies.

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Knowing their distinct dietary requirements will ensure that your guinea pig will certainly live a full and healthy life while giving you the joys that guinea pig ownership along the way.