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3.2.5 Proximity come Water Bodies

This section describes the results of oceans, both seaside and inland, and also of the an excellent Lakes specifically in Ontario

Oceans – seaside vs. Inland

Large bodies of water such together oceans, seas, and huge lakes affect the climate of one area. Water heats and cools much more slowly than land. Therefore, in the summer, the seaside regions will stay cooler and also in winter warmer. A more moderate climate v a smaller sized temperature selection is created.

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Ocean Boundaries


If there space no body of water come moderate the climate the same conditions follow as with vast, level plains. The climate condition is continent with much more extreme temperatures, a bigger range, and also less precipitation.

Storms happen over water and over continents. Hurricanes are substantial storms that create heavy winds and also rain over a big area. The warmer air masses traveling from the south up the eastern shore of the United states in the spring and also summer sometimes lug the remnants that a hurricane that created in the Gulf of Mexico. Onlyon a very couple of occasions has Ontario proficient the full pressure of a hurricane.

More usual are tornadoes. They type in the spring and summer, particularly after a duration of intense heat. They are violent, localized storms with an effective funnel clouds that reason much damage.


Ocean Currents

Ocean currents room a variable in determining the climate of a place. Much as in the air and also rock cycles, convection circulates water in currents. This is led to by the activity of cold water come hot. Heat water flows from the equator and also cold native the poles. This movement is interrupted or altered by large landmasses.

Global s Currents. Note the Gulf Stream and the present meeting close to Newfoundland.


In Ontario, the ocean currents have small direct result on the climate yet the climate of southern Ontario is influenced by the an excellent Lakes. The summers and winters are moderate. Temperatures room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than areas at the very same latitude in the remainder of Canada.

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Ontario – an excellent Lakes – Nearness to WaterLarge bodies of water, such together oceans, seas and huge lakes, can affect the climate of one area. Water heats and also cools much more slowly than landmasses. Therefore, the seaside regions will continue to be cooler in summer and also warmer in winter, thus creating a an ext moderate climate through a narrower temperature range.