i don"t get the expression "a word come the wise". Shouldn"t it be "a word from the wise"? Isn"t the person with the word the one through the wisdom? Isn"t the person receiving words the one in need of it?


As man Lawler says, the full kind of the phrase is a word come the way is sufficient. A word to the wise is generally employed as a discreet warning in i beg your pardon the ‘word’ is very brief—either the utterance which instantly follows or this utterance itself.

A word to the wise—Paul knows. A word to the wise—

The sense is “I need say no an ext than a word to alert you—you’re smart sufficient to know what i leave unsaid.”



Proverbs 17:10 A rebuke strikes deeper right into a discerning human being than a hundreds blows right into a fool.

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In other words, the wise learn quickly and from few words as in "A word to the wise"

A fool on the other hand cannot find out no matter how many words or also blows.


The paper definition is, "I am warning you about a attention condition."

"A word come the wise" means, "A wise human being will understand what ns mean, as quickly as i say "beware."

A foolish person will require a lot much longer warning/explanation than just one word.

Here"s a similar expression


I"m not certain the sense is really around the brevity of the counsel. I think the Latin would have actually been an ext emphatic if that were the case. I translate it more like "experience is the lesson book of fools" - i.e., words count as much or an ext with the wise than personal experiences do.

I"ve constantly taken the expression to average the wise person will take her words to heart and modify future behavior accordingly, if the fool will certainly not instantly learn or pick to grow thereby.

Hunter S Thompson composed "A word to the way is infuriating" I prefer that. One stupid mrs told me I need to NOT use words "negro". She likewise advised me on who I need to not assist financially. Yet she go graduate indigenous secretarial college so over there are areas where I would certainly accept advice from her. Order is not one. This aphorism can be understood in more than one method since "word" has two various meanings. "May I have actually a word through you?" could mean a prolonged conversation or it can mean "Quiet!"

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