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IDK exactly how to feel around some of this terms.

IDK: i Don"t Know

IDK is your layout slang, due to the fact that it literally method "I don"t know," i m sorry is specifically how girlfriend felt about all this abbreviations prior to reading this article. Following time you get a message from your boss asking if you deserve to stay late at work, reply with "IDK, I have to check my schedule."

SMH: Shaking mine Head

SMH = shaking my head, i beg your pardon is what we"re all doing in ~ least fifty percent the time we scroll with our on facebook newsfeeds and see crazy politics rants indigenous long-lost relatives. You"re a type soul, though, so friend won"t use it outwardly on these posts, however you can certainly comment "You"re not claimed to put that much baking powder in the bowl—SMH" following time you view your cousin upload a muffin-baking video clip that damages Grandma"s recipe. Then you can just re-superstructure this delishbreakfast muffins recipein the comments ar as a monitor up.

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TLDR: Too lengthy Didn"t Read

This one is relatively new in the text abbreviations world, however it"s popping up everywhere the ar on an extensive social media posts. It means "too long, didn"t read," and also is frequently found ~ above long-winded, rambling opinion pieces. Following time her co-worker uploads a six paragraph status around the problem of hercold sores, try commenting "TLDR, but I hope you feel far better soon!"

IIRC: If ns Recall Correctly

IIRC = "if ns recall correctly," and is the society media identical of friend bringing receipts. It"s a tiny argumentative, but advantageous when you must say points like, "IIRC, you promised me so much more. Here"s a screenshot come prove it."

IRL: In genuine Life

This is a great one, because it"s regularly a partnership builder. It means "in actual life," and also is good for speak things favor "Would love to view you shortly IRL!"


Beyoncé totally slays. Ezra Shaw/Getty images

Slay: Denotes death or crushing

This one isn"t one abbreviation, yet it"s usual text slang the everyone under 40 is making use of routinely, so you require to get on board. Slaying may sound negative, however it"s supplied in a positive way now to signify killing or crushing a job in the best feasible sense. "I slayed in ~ spin class tonight," would certainly be an suitable text to send her trainer.

Vaguebooking: The act of alluding come something

If you"ve ever seen someone post a ridiculous facebook status favor "Today is totally major for me," without offering any details details, that"s vaguebooking in action. It"s the action of alluding come something via society media condition without pinpointing it, and also it"s widely unpopular. Don"t it is in a vaguebooker, but politely contact your friends out on Facebook through a comment favor "#vaguebook" as soon as they upload a weird, confusing, and also overwhelmingly broad status.

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LMK: allow Me Know

You require this one due to the fact that it translates to "let me know," and is super useful when you uncover your friends vaguebooking. Comment something like "LMK what the hell is walking on since I don"t understand your vaguebooking in ~ all."

OMW: On mine Way

If you"re quiet blow drying your hair yet were supposed to be at dinner 10 minutes ago, try texting your far-ranging other something choose "OMW, watch you soon." OMW method "on mine way," and is most typically used once you"re not even really on her way, due to the fact that #kidsthesedays. Oh, and you could always just shot theseeffortless work-related hairstylesinstead come cut earlier on time and not also need to usage OMW.

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