Gia sou or hello again! Let’s relocate to number 2 of ours lessons top top absolutely essential words and phrases the will assist you ‘navigate’ more easily Athens and also Greece in general. In our first lesson, us learned just how to greet someone by making use of the native “Yia sas”. After girlfriend greet someone, it would of course be polite to ask how they are doing, which you do by questioning “ti kanete?”.

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If someone asks friend ‘ti kaneis’? you can respond by saying ‘kala ime’, i m sorry basically means “I’m doing well”. If you desire to exchange names, girlfriend ask the other human ‘pos se lene’. If you desire to provide your name, you speak ‘me lene’ and also then her name. ‘Den xero’ is one more greek phrase that can come in handy during your continue to be in Athens together it way ‘I don’t know’. Another useful phrase is ‘signomi’ which have the right to mean one of two people “I’m sorry” or “excuse me”. Be sure that Greeks will appreciate immensely your initiative to speak your language and will execute their ideal to assist you.

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