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expeditioner ˌek-​spə-​ˈdi-​sh(ə-​)nər


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haste, hurry, speed, expedition, dispatch median quickness in activity or action. Haste uses to an individual action and implies urgency and also precipitancy and often rashness. get married in haste hurry frequently has a strong suggestion of agitated bustle or confusion. in the hurry of exit she forgot her toothbrush speed says swift performance in activity or action. exercises to boost your reading speed expedition and also dispatch both indicate speed and efficiency in handling affairs however expedition stresses ease or effectiveness of performance and dispatch emphasize promptness in concluding matters. the case involved trial v expedition paid bills through dispatch

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a clinical expedition to Antarctica one avid hill climber, always on an expedition to part far-off corner of the people
Recent instances on the web That might sound like a harsh criterion, however after getting to the mountain top in 2021, over there is no doubt that Milwaukee is chasing an additional long expedition. — Morten Jensen, Forbes, 13 Oct. 2021 This flight will it is in Blue Origin’s second crewed expedition. — Katie Song, Variety, 10 Oct. 2021 The Saga the the Greenlanders identifies the speaker and also the Viking expedition’s leader as Thorvald Erikson, the son of Erik the Red, the Viking traveler of Greenland. — Arthur Herman, National Review, 9 Oct. 2021 that flash the brilliance is fan to our friends who organized the expedition. — Washington Post, 8 Oct. 2021 Chan called NBC oriental America in 2018 that song played vital role in food preparation meals for a two-week wilderness expedition in 1915 the was intended to convince business and social leaders the the prestige of a national park system. — NBC News, 4 Oct. 2021 Under American Queen Voyages, the agency will sail river cruises, lake, and also ocean cruises, and new expedition voyages to Alaska and main America starting next year, the firm shared with Travel + Leisure. — Alison Fox, Travel + Leisure, 28 Sep. 2021 Andrés Reséndez, a professor of background at the college of California, Davis, has actually written a pacey account the the 1564-65 expedition that first made its way from Mexico come the Philippines and ago again. — Nathan Perl-rosenthal, WSJ, 24 Sep. 2021 Silna rescues Crozier, the expedition’s lone survivor. — Bathsheba Demuth, The Atlantic, 22 Sep. 2021

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