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epistler i-​ˈpi-​sə-​lər


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Recent examples on the internet In that is paper-thin hypocrisy, his video clip epistle Was a minute-long rendition the his usual dog whistle. — john Lithgow, The new Yorker, 27 Sep. 2021 The team epistle was sent to the company for health care Research and Quality, a division of HHS that functions on research and also tools come improve wellness care and also policy. — Tom Simonite, Wired, 24 Sep. 2020 His epistle to the American legal neighborhood drew cheers native Ahmari, who already shares his skepticism of the prevailing liberal order. — Matt Ford, The new Republic, 2 Apr. 2020 nearly everything that functioned so fine the very first time falls apart in the brand-new series, which i do not care a languorously long, typically cryptic epistle on the sin of letting style conquer substance. — Washington Post, 12 Jan. 2020 an epistle from space, written by one older and also wiser society, can be recognize by ours radio telescopes; the aliens could then invite united state to sign up with a galactic federation that enlightened partner who communicate in a universal tongue. — Adam Mann, The brand-new Yorker, 3 Oct. 2019 The very first epistle came indigenous Sheldon Whitehouse, who wrote on instead of of other Democrats Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal, Richard Durbin and Kirsten Gillibrand. — S.m. | new York, The Economist, 11 Sep. 2019 This sort of aphorism filling the space left not just by the epigram however by the epistles once exchanged by friends with time to be funny. — Adam Gopnik, The new Yorker, 15 July 2019 think about the concern of the authorship that Paul’s epistles. — Barton Swaim, WSJ, 9 July 2019

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History and also Etymology because that epistle

center English, letter, Epistle, native Anglo-French, indigenous Latin epistula, epistola letter, from Greek epistolē message, letter, from epistellein to send to, from epi- + stellein to send