A suffix is miscellaneous we add to the end of one existing word to type a brand-new word.

In part cases, a word ending in –hood says a family role (motherhood, fatherhood). Various other times it describes a duration of ours life (childhood).

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There are additionally some –hood words that describe neither household nor a period of our life; neighbourhood and knighthood space two such examples.

Here are few of the most usual –hood words in English:

Family-related and periods in life

parenthoodfatherhood motherhood adulthood childhood (also boyhood and also girlhood)manhood, womanhood


neighbourhood (the area where we live)likelihood (synonym because that probability)knighthood (the state of being a knight)livelihood (the means we knife money to live)

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We inquiry members of ours Google+ discover English ar to tell us some of the –hood words castle know. Here’s the article (click top top the decided bubble symbol to check out the comments):

Do you understand all the words in the list? Feel cost-free to leave a comment listed below if you’d favor to discuss any kind of other –hood words.


By Stuart Cook
Stuart is one English teacher and also runs the benidormclubdeportivo.org website. He currently lives in Prague and has been teaching for over 25 years. ⎜Contact Stuart

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