Last week, I had actually a dream around a burn house, in reality there were two burning houses, and I immediately wanted to know what that meant. What part of mine psyche was sending out me a article through this terrifying dream? Then i remembered video camer went with a similar situation and also she gained a hit track out that the deal.

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So,what does it really mean when friend dream about fire? (which i can’t verify is an professional on the subject) claims that dreaming about fire can mean various things depending upon the context. Electronic came dreamed about her ex-boyfriend being melted in a house fire. The website reads, “To dream that a home is on fire indicates that you need to undergo part transformation. ”

But climate Cam and also her ex-boyfriend burn, so the has an additional meaning: “To dream the you room being melted by fire suggests that her temper is getting out of control. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside.”

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Now, the truth that she is trying come rescue the ex-boyfriend can have many meanings. According to the site, because she is attempting to rescue the she’s bright a light on parts of it s her that have been “neglected or ignored.”

Cam newly told around the breakup that influenced the dream that influenced the song, telling them the she had damaged up with her boyfriend over email. She to be volunteering in Nepal and also he was an alleged to meet her once she sent the email.

“It wasn’t an extremely nice,” she said. “And that was the breakup that i felt so poor about, the I had that dream about a burning house. That’s a very embarrassing story because it to be a really hurtful thing to do.”

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camcountry) on Oct 12, 2015 at 4:37pm PDT


Maybe was right? maybe Cam’s subconscious to be acknowledging that she has let she temper gain out of control, hence the reality that castle burn. And while she doesn’t tell us what led she to sending out the breakup email, probably it was since she feeling the connection was no fulfilling her in part way, i m sorry is why she attempts come rescue him.

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Lastly, through fire symbolizing the require for transformation, we have the right to conclude that electronic came needed to forgive herself because that breaking up with her previous beau in, together she said, a manner that “wasn’t very nice.”

Of course, all is well that ends well. Electronic came is now engaged to Adam Weaver and also “Burning House” ended up being a No. 1 single and gained a GRAMMY nomination.

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