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I"m perplexed why homosexual is provided to refer to gay people. Indigenous my understanding homo way human? together in homosapien.

Also is over there a term prefer misandry especially for gay men?


Homo way "man" in Latin and also "same" in Greek. The previous is offered in homo sapiens together referring to our varieties and converts to "wise person", if the Greek is offered in homosexual.

The reason homosexual is offered to describe gay civilization is because it means

Sexually attracted to the same (sex/gender)

Heterosexual, that is opposite, means

Sexually attractive to the other

if you translate it literally.

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I"m not aware of any gay-specific term because that misandry. I think if you wanted to denote a an ext specific hatred for gay males you"d simply use the hatchet homophobia instead.

(Thanks come Yay because that corrections regarding the interpretations of homo and sapiens, and the difference between the Latin and also Greek meanings)

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