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The Latin source word ped and its Greek counterpart pod both average “foot.” this roots room the word origin of many English vocabulary words, including pedal centipede, podium, and also podiatrist. Humans, for instance, room bipedal due to the fact that they to walk on two “feet,” conversely, a tripod is a was standing for a camera that has actually three “feet.”

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im-in, into
-mentquality, condition

When you space impeded indigenous traveling, your “feet (are) in” or “have been placed into” something, favor bindings or shackles, which keep you native moving; hence, one impediment is the “condition of having actually one’s foot in” something i m sorry stops her movement.

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anti-opposite, against
-alof or relating to

Imagine one’s “foot” put “against or opposite” the sole of who else’s “foot” “opposite” friend on Earth, and also you’ll recognize the idea behind antipodal.

Pedal to the Podiatrist

Sometimes English imports words from both Greek and also Latin that average the same thing. This has actually happened in the instance of the Latin root word ped and the Greek root word pod, i m sorry both average “foot.”

Let’s first take a look at the Latin root word ped: “foot.” A pedal top top a cycle is because that the “foot” to press on. A pedometer measures the variety of “feet” the you have actually walked. Pedestrians walk around on your “feet.”

Speaking that walking, since humans walk on two “feet,” us are recognized as bipeds. Some animals are similarly classified because of the number of feet the they have. Cattle, dogs, horses, sheep and the prefer are quadrupeds, etymologically an interpretation four “feet.” A centipede, likewise, is bug with 100 “feet;” part centipedes actually perform possess 100 “feet!” A millipede, ~ above the various other hand, supposedly has a thousands “feet.” In allude of fact, millipedes usually have actually no much more than 400 legs, although few of the an extremely largest have the right to have as much as 750.

Now let’s take it a look in ~ the Greek root word pod, i m sorry also means “foot.” A tripod, because that instance, is a stand with 3 “feet” the holds a camera steady. A podium is a was standing for lecturers the possesses one “foot” that holds that up.

Ever wonder that is top top the specific opposite side of the world that girlfriend are? That human being would be in ~ the antipodes of wherein you are, your “feet” placed precisely opposite yours.

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A podiatrist is a “foot” doctor. Imagine a podiatrist having actually to take care of a sauropod or lizard “foot,” those colossal dinosaurs such as the brachiosaurus or apatosaurus! and also imagine if you only had a head and also feet, and also nothing in-between; you would certainly then be a cephalopod or “head foot,” such together an octopus or squid.

No require now to take it a expedition come your thesaurus the next time friend come across words through ped and pod in them; currently you deserve to just placed up her “feet” and also smile!

pedal: part of a bike for the ‘foot’ pedometer: instrument which measures the ‘feet’ that someone walks pedestrian: one who walks roughly on she ‘feet’ biped: animal which to walk on 2 ‘feet’ quadruped: animal which walks on four ‘feet’ centipede: insect i beg your pardon has around 100 ‘feet’ millipede: insect that etymologically has actually 1000 ‘feet’ tripod: was standing with three ‘feet’ podium: stand with one ‘foot’ antipodes: ar on the earth opposite one’s own ‘feet’ podiatrist: ‘foot’ doctor sauropod: lizard-‘footed’ dinosaur expedition: a freeing of the ‘feet’ to travel