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Prefixes are crucial morphemes in English vocabulary that start words. A fair variety of English vocabulary words contain the prefix dia-, which way “across.” instances using this prefix incorporate dialogue, diagonal, and diabetes. An easy method to remember the the prefix dia- method “across” is through words diameter, because that the diameter that a one is the measurement “across” it.

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dia-through, across
-alof or relating to

The native diabolical in ~ core method “of being cast across”; the devil, which comes from the old Greek native diabolos, was said to have been “cast across” indigenous heaven into hell.

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A Dialogue about “Dia-”

Prefixes are vital morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The Greek prefix dia- method “across;” now we will have actually a one-sided dialogue to carry that allude “across” to you!

Have you ever before had a teacher who had a various dialect than yours? A dialect permits one person to speak “across” to one more of a similar society or region, yet can be hard to recognize if the two world don’t speak the same local language. Imagine a teacher v a pronounce dialect teaching you around different polygons. He might talk around diagonals, or those lines “across” rectangles, reaching from one corner to another. He can also shot to teach you around the diameter the a circle, or the measurement “across” the whole circle through its midpoint. Imagine the the dialect that the teacher to be so confusing that it was diametrically protest to your discovering the material, the is, totally “across” from where it should be! Luckily in math countless diagrams can be used, or figures written “across” a textbook web page to give an example of a concept; these diagrams would provide visual depictions of diameters or diagonals, possibly alleviating obstacles of the dialect!

Do friend remember King Azaz, the king the Dictionopolis from Norton Juster’s publication The Phantom Tollbooth? I always found that curious that there to be no point out of a Queen that Dictionopolis, that would have actually worn a diadem, or crown bound “across” she head. She might additionally have worn a necklace sporting diaphanous diamonds, for this reason clear that light could shine “across” and therefore “through” them. Let’s ~ do so that, uneven King Azaz, that only encounters the present meanings the words, Queen Zaza is interested in the diachronic interpretations of words, the is, exactly how their meanings readjust “across” time. Imagine having actually a dialogue with her, or a speak “across” from she to you, in which she speak you the history of words “nice,” mentioning that it used to mean “stupid” or “ignorant”! probably Queen Zaza’s mission in life is to follow this diaspora the the different expired definitions of words, the is, their scattering “across” the world, hence explaining she absence.

No an ext of this one-sided dialogue! now you can use the English prefix dia- v confidence in a true, two-person dialogue!

dialect: a different language that enables a speak “across” indigenous one human to another diagonal: heat “across” a rectangle from one corner to another diameter: measure “across” a circle with its midpoint diametrically: fully “across” indigenous something else diagram: number written “across” a web page to illustrate a concept or info of part kind diadem: a crown worn “across” a ruler’s head diaphanous: of irradiate shining “across” or “through” a clear material diachronic: of walking “across” time dialogue: a speaking “across” between two people diaspora: a scattering “across” the world