The lord agreed to preventive Sodom if 50 righteous to be found. That course, Abraham bargained that down to ten, and we all recognize the result. Ten righteous could not be foundThe tabernacle in the wilderness had actually 50 loops on each side of the curtain through 50 gold clasps to close them. The east and the west political parties of the courtyard were 50 cubits wideThere space 50 days between Passover and also Shavuot or Pentecost. This is recognized as the counting of the Omer leading up to the good harvest of Shavuot, and, we know, the an excellent harvest that souls in Acts chapter two. Yeshua to be ministering to His disciples after ~ the resurrection during this time periodMen in the holy bible served as much as 50 years of age in the tabernacle and also later, the Temple. Lock served in between the ages of 30 and retirement at 50One the end of 50 of the Israelites were selected come serve with the Levites, the priests, in ScriptureFifty was frequently the number required for ransom after sin that required payment: 50 coins, 50 shekelsKing David payment 50 pieces of silver for the threshing floor in 2 Samuel 24:24A military company in bible was often 50 menFifty to be a usual measure in buildingYeshua, we room told, fed the 5,000 human being in teams of, friend guessed it, 50Fifty is regularly the number the denotes a generation. It deserve to be 40, 50, or 70, but 50 is among those numbers that represent a generationFinally, the 50th year to be a jubilee year in ancient Israel. Lev. 25:10 claims “consecrate the 50th year and proclaim liberty transparent the floor to every its inhabitants. The shall be a jubilee for you. Each of you is to return to your family, property, and to your own clan” (NIV). Debt was additionally forgiven ~ above the 50th year for the jubilee year.

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So why do I lug up the number 50? because there are two landmarks this year entailing the number 50.


Jewish Voice is transforming 50


The an initial is, Jewish Voice is transforming 50. It was 50 years earlier that the lord spoke to Louis Kaplan, a Jewish boy from Brooklyn, to begin a set to reach Jewish people. The mr actually offered him that vision in December 1966, and also in January the ‘67, Louis started Jewish Voice Broadcasts. He started on radio, one radio station below in Phoenix, and he was preaching the bark off trees. We infect dozens of urban throughout the United states on radio, and also then in the so late 70s we increased to television. Today we room seen all over the human being on “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.” the all began 50 years ago. So this is Jewish Voice’s jubilee year.


Jerusalem’s 50th Anniversary


When louis Kaplan founded Jewish Voice in January 1967, that was just months before another an excellent event. This one is even an ext important. 2017 point out the 50th anniversary that the reunification that Jerusalem earlier under Jewish control. Amen! the is a very, an extremely exciting thing.





Prophecy Fulfilled


Why is this so important? Well, since Luke 21:24 documents a prophecy indigenous Yeshua Himself. The said, “They will loss by the leaf of the sword and also be led away captive into all nations. . . .” The Jewish world of Israel had been bring away into captivity by Assyrians 700 year earlier. Then, the Babylonians beat the southerly Kingdom the Judah in 715 A.D.

Many returned, yet Yeshua stated that those that changed would still autumn by the sword. The said right here in Luke that they would, it is in taken detainees to all the nations, and also “Jerusalem will be trampled through the Gentiles.”

Now listen to this. This is so important―“Jerusalem will certainly be trampled on by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles room fulfilled” (emphasis mine). The prophecy of Yeshua self weeping over Jerusalem heralding that the city would certainly be trampled on through the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles was fulfilled.

Now stop look conveniently at what happened after Yeshua asserted this practically 2,000 years ago.


Jerusalem in Gentile hand from 70 A.D. Come 1967


First, the Temple and the city of Jerusalem were destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., according to Yeshua’s prophecy that not one rock would be left standing upon another. The city to be then rebuilt as a roman city in 135 A.D., and also this lasted until 324 A.D. Now, during this time, the Jewish world were banished native Jerusalem and also cast come the uttermost components of the world. The is referred to as the Dispersion or the Diaspora. God claimed this would occur if the children of Israel were disobedient, and also sure enough, the people of Israel were scattered to the countries of the world. Jerusalem to be under Roman control until 324 A.D.

Then we have actually the Byzantine duration from 324 to 614 A.D. This was actually a Christian period. In 614, the Persians caught the city, yet the Byzantines recaptured it and also ruled Jerusalem until 638 A.D.

Next, in 638 A.D., along came the Muslims who, under Caliph Omar took the city and also ruled it till 1099. This is well-known as the first Muslim period and is once the Dome of the Rock was built. That was also when Al Aqsa mosque was developed on the temple Mount.

The Muslims ruled Jerusalem for 500 years, and then, in 1099, the Crusaders marched in and defeated the Muslims. They recorded the city of Jerusalem, destroyed component of the city, and also rebuilt it. They rule not even one century until 1187 A.D. Once the Muslims returned, this time under the leader Saladin. Saladin recaptured and also controlled Jerusalem until 1259 A.D. Throughout the 1200s, the Caliphate dismantled, and also we have the Mamluk period until 1516.

In 1517, follow me came one more empire. The footrest Empire arised under “Suleiman the Magnificent.” the rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, and the city stayed under the control of the Ottoman empire until 1917. You deserve to see many remains indigenous the Ottoman empire when you tour Israel today.

In 1917, the Ottoman realm was defeated by the british after human being War I. Next, Jerusalem was separated with half under the control of the british and half given come Trans-Jordan, i m sorry was developed when they provide this land come the previous Emir of the Hashemite Kingdom, Abdullah the First. He became the ruler of what in 1946 came to be Jordan. He ruled the whole Old City the Jerusalem ―which is fifty percent of the Jerusalem of today ― when the other half was under brothers control.

These nine empires ruled over Jerusalem after the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. Destruction after destruction, rebuilding again and again till 1967.

The Six-Day war of 1967 had a miraculous outcome: Israel’s proceeding survival and also the re-establishment that Jerusalem under the manage of the Jewish people. After almost 2,000 years because 70 A.D., Jerusalem came earlier into the hands of the Jewish people, do it feasible for the native of Yeshua to it is in fulfilled the Jerusalem would be trodden down till the times of the Gentiles were fulfilled.




In various other words, there to be a set time in background when Israel and also the Jewish people would again be in Jerusalem managing Jerusalem. We additionally see, then, that the indigenous of Matthew 23:39 can be fulfilled once Yeshua wept over Jerusalem and said the the world of Israel, “you will certainly not check out Me again till you speak blessed is He who comes in the surname of the Lord.”

1967 to be a prophetic shift.

This year, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of that prophetic year. The jubilee celebration is the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction of Jerusalem come the Jewish people.


Celebrating 50 years of Jerusalem


We space going to be there at the Western wall surface at the holy place Mount come celebrate the 50th anniversary of this an extremely event. I want to prolong an invite for girlfriend to sign up with us on ours 2017 storage Israel tourism to memory Jerusalem’s jubilee with us. Us still have a few spaces left.

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary that Jerusalem’s liberation along with the 50th anniversary of Jewish Voice. We will be staying at beautiful accommodations v delicious Israeli

breakfasts and dinners provided. We room going to experience the sights and sounds of an old land and ancient people. We‘ll take component in Jerusalem Day celebrate the return of the temple Mount and the Western wall surface back into the hand of the Jewish people. Israelis will certainly be celebrate at the exact same time, and we will certainly be there v them. That is walking to it is in an tremendous celebration. We’re likewise going come visit one Israeli military base, and also have dinner in a Bedouin village.

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