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The idiom “face the music” has actually been a clip in the English language because that decades, an initial appearing in the respectable 1834 issue of the New-Hampshire statesman and also state journal, according to The phrase Finder. The Cambridge Dictionary defines the idiom as meaning “to accept responsibility for miscellaneous you have done.” commonly used in instances in i beg your pardon one has actually to confront the results for your actions, it’s a quick and basic phrase that deserve to be offered both teasingly and seriously, reducing the should be wordy.

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But just how did this expression come about? and also how has actually its meaning changed end the years?

As it transforms out, idioms evolve organically end time. Idioms are always being created and also used, according to Arnold Zwicky, one adjunct professor of grammars at Stanford University, on He included that together time passes, we begin to ignore the bare-bones meaning of the idiom and also jump straight to the claimed context of the instead.

Because that this, “face the music” has actually no recognized origin. It appears to have actually been very first used in new England, and also it has since woven itself right into our English vernacular. Despite the extensive uncertainty, many theories about its usage and also origin have actually emerged, every of lock plausible.

According to Grammarist, “face the music” could have to be a phrase told to actors before they went onstage to challenge the orchestra pit, hence literally “facing the music” and also overcoming any stage fright. Alternately, the could likewise stem native soldiers marching into fight during the 19th century because many armies once had musicians going into fight with castle — the soldiers would certainly be literally encountering their enemy’s music. Today, the idiom has actually shifted native its literal definition to a an ext figurative one, regularly used much more in instances of consequence.

Still, also with its uncertain origins, the idiom has actually cemented its location in American popular music culture. The 1993 movie “Face the Music,” certification Molly Ringwald and also Patrick Dempsey, incorporated the phrase right into its title. The idiom is also component of the tune “Let’s face the Music and also Dance,” which was introduced by Fred Astaire and also written by Irving Berlin for the classic 1936 movie “Follow the Fleet.” The phrase has also been utilized in numerous newspaper headlines, especially when stating the implications of a public figure’s action or a court trial, and also it can be heard in everyday conversation.

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Language evolves every day. In the future, there will most likely be idioms that us cannot imagine or recognize presently, however they will definitely be just as exciting as the idioms we usage today.