On such a basic question the price seems just as simple: native Paris, or indigenous France, it appears obvious. But just find a little bit to discover that it have the right to be linked with other symbols, symbols that have sometimes been fully forgotten.

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Symbol of France and also Paris

This is the most obvious, the one that immediately comes to mind. The Eiffel Tower is the prize of the city of Paris and, by extension, the France. There space several factors to declare this. Very first of all, empirically, we see that this is the case. Once it is essential to represent France, that is above all the Eiffel Tower the is chosen, as we watch in almost all amusement parks that show the monuments the the world (Minimundus in Austria, MiniEurope in Belgium, Park Europe in Spain, Mini Siam in Thailand, etc.). Similarly when a shopping facility on the design template of France is constructed in Brazil, it welcomes visitors with a substantial Eiffel Tower. Climate by the communication of the representatives of France abroad, which is often done placing the Eiffel tower in the foreground. This is the case on the film presenting the 2012 Paris Olympics, because that example. One more reason come think this is in the ar taken by the tower in Paris. Where one have the right to be seen, in ~ night its visibility is manifested by the irradiate beam that sweeps the sky. The Parisians themselves associate the tower v their acquainted surroundings much more than any type of other monument in the city. And if Parisians space in this spirit, that the Eiffel Tower ideal symbolizes Paris, tourist passing by obtain the very same impression and also report in their cities, your countries, the idea the the Eiffel Tower is central Paris.

But being the prize of Paris provides it prize of France? A priori no, there is no reason for it to it is in the case, and yet that is. The factor is organizational throughout the country. In France, the state is centralized in Paris, which is at the exact same time the political, economic and cultural capital that France (Although various other cities are quite energetic on this subject), suddenly any monument existing external the funding goes come a lower level dealing with the Parisian monuments. Sites favor the Pont du Gard, the city of Carcassonne or Strasbourg Cathedral would certainly be good candidates because that the international representation that France, yet none of these monuments, too known together it is, will certainly be more than the Eiffel Tower. Even in Paris, the latter has no competition: The Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe or the Sacré Coeur are all much less known, internationally, 보다 the Eiffel Tower.

Note that at europe level, the competition would be tougher due to the fact that other countries have monuments fairly representative of Europe, for example the London leg in London, or St. Peter"s Cathedral in Rome. But the concern does no arise due to the fact that it is rarely to have to represent a continent with a single monument. Michel Lyoneet du Moutier, in his book "The adventure that the Eiffel Tower: Realization and financing" claimed that the Eiffel Tower to be the monument that finest symbolized Europe. It is based upon a survey of end 4000 world in Germany, Italy, Spain and an excellent Britain. The concern was:

Which that the following European monuments best symbolize Europe?

The answer to this inquiry was clearly in favor of the Eiffel Tower, as suggested by the percentages provided below:

ItalyUnited kingdomSpainGermany
Nb persons1021101910001000
Eiffel tower50625939
Big Ben13491412
Mont St Michel2104
Tower that Pise31202416
The Brandebourg gate816857
Château de Versailles1911821

Finally a talk about the radiation that the Eiffel Tower abroad. Once a stranger is asked to quote a Parisian monument, the Eiffel Tower is mentioned. If us ask because that another, their understanding is directly related to the culture of the person and its proximity (Our Italian neighbors understand France far better than the Taiwanese, it appears normal). If we carry out the very same test with, because that example, brand-new York, human being will quote in an ext varied ways the Statue that Liberty , central Park, the empire State building or the world Tade Center, but the answer will never ever be unique, proof that there is no building that emerges compared to others.

Symbol that French genius

This symbol is no much longer relevant, yet it was, at the moment of the building and construction of the tower and in the years the followed, the many important argument of the promoters the the tower. Words Genie is to be understood in the feeling of civil Engineering.

At the finish of the 19th century, native the 1880s, Europe gotten in the commercial era. The United says had gotten in shortly before. In the north of France the factories multiply, we discover the driving force of heavy steam and, later, electricity. The extraction of minerals is in complete swing and also each country seeks come assert its power vis-à-vis the competitors, in ~ a time as soon as nationalism to be important. The united Kingdom provided its domineering fleet, France its colonial empire. Engineers discovering metal as a structure material is embarking on much more and an ext crazy challenges. That of structure a 1000-foot tower becomes a gambling spread about the world. The country that will achieve this tourism de pressure will undeniably be considered technologically advanced, and also it is France that succeeds first, many thanks to Gustave Eiffel.

Its 1,000-foot (300m) tower is a technological feat that mirrors the entire people the technical power that France. That was built solely for the purpose, to offer as one entrance gate to the 1889 World"s Fair. The innovative techniques that were offered were subsequently supplied in other buildings, particularly the principle of not structure only piece that, when assembled, could be moved by just two men. That has also implemented a multi-year project monitoring native conception come delivery.

Moreover, his calculations were corroborated by the English that tried to build an additional tower, larger, almost identical. The project was no completed, it was abandoned before waiting because that the an initial floor, yet the designers were up to adjust their plan, at first octagonal, in square setup to stick come the Eiffel Tower, evidence of the efficiency of the calculations the the Parisian tower.

Symbol that the dimension of France

This symbol of the Eiffel Tower is concerned the vault symbols: The Eiffel Tower is representative of France, and it magnifies the French genius. Through extension, it i do not care the symbol of the greatness of France. This is evidenced by that is popularity, both in France and in foreign countries, and also by its visibility in Paris, very pregnant.

Symbol of military victories


Hitler and also the Eiffel tower


Hitler and the Eiffel tower

It"s more surprising, yet the fact that it occurred 60 years back does not average it"s been forgotten. The Eiffel Tower is a prize of the conquest of Paris by German troops in 1940, climate the liberation of Paris in 1944.

When Germany dominated Paris there to be some signs of this decision, photos that we have from that time: German soldiers marching top top the Champs Elysees, but likewise Hitler in prior of the Eiffel Tower. This picture does not seem to be a propaganda company, that looks much more like a basic photo without any real meaning. However it is symbolic the German power over Europe in 1940.

In a happier means for the French, the Eiffel Tower is additionally the price of the liberation of Paris. Indeed, on respectable 24, 1944, if fighting was raging, Sergeants Henri DURIAUX, Pierre NOEL, corporal Charles ROUARD, the sappers Marcel CONVERSY, André TAILLEFER, the regiment of firefighters the PARIS raised the tricolor flag in the funding still occupied. They to be under the command of Captain SARNIGUET. This plot of heroism was greeted by the installation, lot later, the a commemorative plaque top top the 3rd floor the the Eiffel Tower. Because that the anecdote, you should recognize that this flag, which was to it is in large, was made in a rush by about sewing 3 sheets of different colors.

Iconic interaction medium

The popularity of the Eiffel Tower in the human being makes this monument periodically used to please a hold country, throughout a treaty, an essential meeting, or because that a distinct occasion. We have actually seen the Eiffel Tower adorn many different colors for a most reasons.


The Eiffel Tower has actually been illuminated v the colors of various countries. This was the case in 2004 top top the occasion of the Chinese new Year throughout which the Parisians saw the red tower, the shade of China. The illumination took ar from January 24th to 29th and stayed on every nights throughout this period. Note the existence in France the the Chinese Minister that Culture, who participated in the festivities. In 2009 took ar the season the Turkey in France, indigenous June 2009 to March 2010. On this occasion the Eiffel Tower to be illuminated in Turkish colors in between 5 and 11 October. She had red ~ above the lower part and white ~ above the heights. In October 2015 took ar the celebration of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations in between France and also South Korea. Likewise to please our guests the Eiffel Tower has actually illuminated the color of Korea, during a sound and light present on pop music. Soon afterwards, the November assaults took ar in Paris. Top top this occasion, the Eiffel Tower has a blue-white-red color as a tribute come France"s 130 victims. These attacks permitted the French come reclaim their national colors, and their visibility on the Eiffel Tower to be welcome. Regrettably in in march 2016 terror is again striking, in Belgium this time. The job after the Eiffel Tower is adorned v the colour of the nation in storage of the victims.

The causes

Pleasing the guests of France is good, however the Eiffel Tower has likewise served come highlight certain causes. Therefore she became a symbol of the fight versus cancer the time of one evening. Illuminated totally in pink, come make known the combination "Breast Cancer, let"s talk about it", which introduced its annual campaign the October the day. It intends to raise awareness that the dangers of breast cancer, together its surname suggests. Annually it is a Parisian monument that is the emphasis of this association, and also in 2014 it to be the Eiffel Tower, after the Opera Garnier or the Montparnasse Tower. In 2008 the Eiffel Tower to be illuminated in blue, through the 12 stars the the europe flag ~ above its phibìc face. This visual result was establish on the occasion of the French presidency that Europe, from June 30 come December 31, 2008. It had currently been applied on may 9, 2006, for the day of Europe. In 2007 it was a sporting event that to be the source of a really special illumination: for the Rugby world Cup, organized in France. For this occasion the Eiffel Tower projected top top its flank rugby poles in the center of which passed a ball of 13 m long, simulating a penalty. Here again the impact was striking, and very temporary, the competition just lasted a month and also a fifty percent (September 7 come October 30). The Eiffel Tower has end up being for almost two months the symbol of civilization rugby.

Finally in 2015 took ar the COP21, the 21st international Summit because that Ecology hosted in Paris in late November and also early December. Top top this occasion the Eiffel Tower took the eco-friendly color. A cell phone application permitted visitors, because that a small fee, to thrive a flower ~ above the monument. At the validation of the payment of the projectors made a pat of lights showing a tree to construct until the expansion of the flower. It was really original and also a genuine success.

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The logos

It is very common the the Eiffel Tower is stood for on the logos, many of the moment it is around Parisian organization, but not only. Below is a little list that covers a wide selection of areas.