Okay, ns don"t recognize where ns should have actually put this, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place...Wasn"t it claimed a while back that the characters used to do the name of Shinra, likewise mean "God group"?Thanks!

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神羅 denshi jisho provides no an interpretation or pronunciation神- shin or kami, method god, deity, spirit, or regarded mythical gods羅 - ra, doesn"t it seems ~ to have actually a clear meaning, appears to be related to silk fabric but also to Rome/Latin (probably because of the indistingishability of ra and also la. I don"t see any kind of suggestion that 羅 = group. I often seek it analyzed as "silken god" but "divine Latin" wouldn"t be an impossible an interpretation to have from it. Hope the helps a bit.

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Shinra is acquired from a Japanese yojijukugo, 神羅万象 (shinrabanshō), i beg your pardon is a different of 森羅万象 (shinrabanshō).Yojijukugo room poetic idioms that distill some kind of deep definition into a simple phrase making use of only four kanji. They deserve to be a bit daunting to analyze into English. A pair easier examples: 一石二鳥 (issekinichō, "one stone, 2 birds") and 異体同心 (itaidōshin, "different bodies, very same mind").In this case, 神羅万象 (shinrabanshō) is, an extremely roughly, "divine embrace, myriad phenomena." it idiomatically refers to "the entire universe," in essence, "all places, all things." I"ve also seen it interpreted as "all-covering god, ten-thousand things," or "almighty, universal."The first kanji pair is, naturally, 神羅 (shinra). The very first kanji (神, shin or kami) method "god," "almighty," or "divine." The 2nd kanji (羅, ra) advert literally come a silk extending or net, but is in reality a shortened form of 網羅 (mōra) which means "encompassing," "covering," or "embracing." initially the phrase used 森 (shin), which way "forest," for this reason "forest"s embrace" or "all-covering forest."The surname is basically a recommendation to the company"s score of overcoming the world and bending nature to your will. Possibly representative of their arrogance and hubris, also -- play god, as it were.It"s likewise worth noting the the second kanji is additionally used in 阿修羅 (ashura), the voice Japanese translate in of the Sanskrit असुर (asura). Asura room a course of chaotic, power-seeking, warmongering superordinary beings in Hinduism and Buddhism. "Warring demon" is a relatively common, despite not entirely accurate, translation.It"s feasible that the developers likewise wanted to recommendation that, creating a dichotomy between "god" and also "demon" or "divinity" and also "chaos," despite I discover that explanation much less likely. Still, it"s something friend can definitely read right into it.