What is a reorder point?

A reorder suggest (ROP) is a certain level in ~ which her stock needs to it is in replenished. In other words, it speak you when to place an bespeak so friend won’t run out that stock.

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Significance the reorder points

If she a service owner, knowing when come order much more stock is important. If you order once you still have actually a most stock on hand, that will result in extra share piling up, i m sorry will rise your hold costs. If friend order once you have zero stock on hand, you’ll be unable to make sales for as lengthy as that takes to receive the order. The your merchant takes to supply the items, the more sales you will do it be losing. Setup a reorder suggest helps you optimize your inventory, replenish her stock of separation, personal, instance items in ~ the appropriate time, and meet your market demand without going out of stock.

How to calculate a reorder point

You need to recognize when come order each item in her inventory separately, since different items have different sell-through rates. To calculation the ROP for each item, you’ll need to know the following parameters:

Lead time: Time taken (in days) because that your merchant to accomplish your order

Safety stock: The amount of extra stock, if any, the you save in your inventory to assist avoid stockouts

Daily typical usage: The variety of sales made in an median day that that specific item

Reorder suggest Formula

Let’s look at just how to calculation a reorder point both with and without safety and security stock. Then we’ll cover exactly how to handle reorder points when you have actually multiple vendors.

Determining ROP with security stockDetermining ROP without safety stock

Determining ROP with safety stock

This method is provided by companies that store extra stock on hand in situation of unforeseen circumstances. To calculation a reorder allude with safety stock, multiply the daily average consumption by the command time and include the amount of safety and security stock you keep.


Let’s recognize this through an example. Expect you’re a perfume retailer that sells 200 party of perfume every day. Your vendor takes one main to deliver each batch of perfumes you order. Friend keep enough excess stock for 5 days of sales, in situation of unforeseen delays. Now, what have to your reorder allude be?

Lead time = 7 daysSafety share = 5 work x 200 bottles = 1000 bottlesROP = (200 x 7) + 1000 = 2400 bottles

The order because that the following batch that perfume should be inserted when there space 2400 bottles left in your inventory.

Graph –This simplified reorder allude graph shows you the relationship in between your reorder point, stock level, and safety stock end a period of time. It helps you visualize just how your reorder suggest is based on your sales trends.


In the above graph, the preferably level is the sum of the security stock and the stimulate quantity, or 3400 bottles. Once the stock left in your inventory reaches the reorder level that 2400 bottles units, you should ar a new purchase order v your vendor. The minimum level, i beg your pardon is 1400 bottles, will help you accomplish your orders until your ordered stock reaches the warehouse. When the brand-new order is obtained in your warehouse, the stock level returns to the best level of 3400 party units.

Determining ROP without security stock

Businesses i beg your pardon follow skinny inventory techniques or a just-in-time monitoring strategy typically don’t have actually safety stock. In together cases, her reorder suggest can it is in calculated by multiplying your everyday average sales by your lead time. Typically, once you don’t have safety stock, your reorder level and also the frequency of her orders have tendency to it is in higher.


Taking the above perfume example without consisting of safety stock, your ROP should be:ROP = 200 x 7 = 1400 bottles

Therefore, you should location an order for the following batch the perfumes once you have actually 1400 party left.

How to calculation ROP with different vendors

You may purchase items in her inventory from miscellaneous vendors, and also different vendors have different lead times. Therefore, it’s ideal to think of your reorder point on an separation, personal, instance item level.

For example, let’s intend that you a retailer who sells water bottles and also snack boxes. The 2 items are purchased from different vendors with different lead times. The water bottles take sooner or later to get delivered (lead time = 1 day) and also the snack crate take four days (lead time= 4 days). In a typical day, you offer 5 water bottles and 10 snack boxes.

Without safety and security stock, her ROP through the vendor who delivers the water bottles should be:ROP = 5 x 1 = 5 bottlesWhen you have 5 party left, that means you have one day of sales before you run out that stock. Since your command time is also one day, the brand-new stock have to arrive just in time for you to continue selling without interruption.Similarly, your ROP v the vendor who it is intended the snack boxes must beROP = 4 x 10 = 40 boxesYou have to reorder when you have 40 crate of share left in her inventory, which is four days of stock. Provided that her lead time is likewise four days, the brand-new stock should arrive just in time for you to continue selling there is no interruption.

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A reorder allude is an essential for reliable inventory management. It saves holding costs and prevents stockouts, overstocking, and also lost sales by ensuring that enough stock is always available in her inventory.