We know that Reducto blasts through and also destroys heavy objects choose walls, furniture, etc. Would certainly it have any type of effect ~ above humans? Would just solid objects like bones disintegrate or would the skin, flesh, and also organs additionally suffer?


The Reductor Curse is efficient for removing obstacles in your way. I have seen this curse destroy mundane and also magical objects. I've even heard of who vaporizing a table v it.

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Like most magics, this relies on the stamin of the caster. A sufficiently powerful Reductor Curse could easily death an unprotected mortal by crushing bones, collapsing lungs, bad damaging an essential organs or also carving the end sections that a body. Even a weak Reductor Curse could sufficiently throw earlier your opponent, cause large bruises or also fracture bones.

However, a canny and quick adversary could actors a Shield Charm, and also it the charm is strong enough might outright neutralize or re/deflect it.

So that is, in fact, concerned solid objects? would it perform nothing to every little thing semi-plasma material our organs and also everything else space made of? What that water? will certainly a Reductor Curse do a splash ~ above water's surface ar or pass v it and influence a solid thing in that is path?

Given just how much wizards in the harry Potter world underutilise your powers and fail to use logic come anything, I'm going to say that it have to be a perfectly efficient dueling spell; however no one has thought of utilizing it due to the fact that it's not noted as a combat order in the books.

Or due to the fact that everyone has their personal preference, and most that the heroes don't desire to rotate someone's torso right into ash.

Wow, the really doesn't perform it justice. It's defined in the publication as this ferocious fight that cracked the floor approximately them. That's favor 4 spells and it's over.

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Didn't Ginny usage Reducto ~ above a Deatheater in the room of Secrets during "The bespeak of the Phoenix" and also it obliterated the guy?

It would rotate an unprotected target right into chunky mustard however even the most straightforward shield would stop it. Though that renders it a great finisher.


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