If you’re facing criminal charges, girlfriend will most likely start listening a lot of legal jargon as your instance moves forward. A presentence examination report, additionally known as a PSI report, is just one legal ide you will be hearing around until your case is over. For this reason why is a PSI ordered and what does the presentence investigation process involve? this is what you must know around the PSI report as your situation gets started.

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What Is a PSI Report?

A PSI report, also known as a presentence investigation report, consists of paperwork that a judge can use to assist determine the right way to punishment a defendant in a court case. This is because the PSI report functions information ~ above the defendant’s background, consisting of his or she character, upbringing, criminal history, health, and any various other details that might affect the severity that the sentence. The state system usually order a presentence examination report when managing felony cases, while federal cases always require one. Note that a federal PSI may additionally be referred to as a presentence report, or PSR.

Who to write the Presentence investigation Report?

With both a state and federal presentence investigation report, it’s approximately a probation officer to research and also write the document. This needs the officer to an initial interview the defendant and then collaborate with various other professionals associated in the case. The point is to get a an excellent overview the the defendant’s behavior and also character before the referee reads the PSI report and decides top top the proper sentencing.

What determinants Are taken into consideration in the Presentence investigation Report?

Now that you recognize who conducts the presentence investigation, it’s time to discover what is included in a presentence report. In general, the PSI report needs to encompass details ~ above the violation in question, and information on the defendant’s criminal history. The PSI should additionally describe the defendant’s household history, education, employed staff record, any type of military service, finances, and also health. Additionally, it regularly mentions just how the crime impacted the victim, as well as whether restitution to the victim or the victim’s family could be appropriate. The judge might request much more information as needed aside native the over details. If she concerned around the PSI report process for her case, you need the sentencing consulting services of Seth Kretzer, so call our certain today.

Is over there a Presentence examination Drug Test?


The objective of the PSI report is for the referee to have all the information essential to come up through the appropriate sentence for the defendant. For this reason, the referee will testimonial the report before the sentencing hear begins. That or she will usage it to identify what’s best for the victim, the defendant, and society in general.

If friend have any kind of concerns about the presentence investigation process for her case, girlfriend need assist from a Houston federal criminal defense attorney you have the right to trust.

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