One of the a lot of necessary things to understand also about your fantasy football league is what type of scoring system is being supplied. Eexceptionally league will be slightly different and also put a distinct twist on just how players score points. Each league website has a method to view exactly how your league’s scoring is setup. Make sure you look at that and also ask your commissioner (the perchild running the league) if tright here are any type of weird scoring adjustments you need to know about before drafting.

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There are 3 main forms of scoring devices that are typically supplied by all leagues:


Standard scoring is what most leagues usage. This scoring system implies that each place scores points dependent on what that position is good at. It indicates that your quarterago gets points as soon as they throw for many yards and score touchdowns. Running Backs obtain points for…as you could imagine…running the round. Wide receivers get points for recording the sphere.

Fairly straightforward and also straight forward. This scoring system also has the largest discrepancy between top tier players and mid-level players.


PPR stands for Point-Per-Reception. This scoring system consists of the standard scoring rules however contains a suggest bump for those players that capture the sphere. For each capture or reception that a player has, your team receives 1 allude.  This bump in points will certainly influence your draft strategy bereason you now must take into consideration how many type of catches you think this player may have actually for the seakid.

The downside to PPR is that the suggest bump can occasionally have actually as well a lot of a suggest swing in one direction. If a player has 9 catches, they gain 9 points plus however many kind of yards they gained. It’s the very same as saying: 1 catch = 10 yards of rushing


Half-PPR represents Half-Point-Per-Reception. Same as PPR, this scoring mechanism includes the conventional scoring rules. In this scoring system though, 0.5 points are awarded to a player for each reception they make.  This bump will have actually an impact on your drafting strategy because you must consider exactly how many type of receptions a player may have this seaboy, however it also indicates you have the right to think about running backs that tend to capture the sphere too.

In my opinion Half-PPR is the ideal scoring mechanism for fantasy footround. It helps balance the groups with the elite players vs those via mid-level players. In this scoring mechanism, 1 catch = 5 yards of rushing, which feels a small even more balanced.

Let’s look at just how these 3 scoring units effected last year’s top players.

Top Ten 2019 Fantasy Scores (WR/RB) - Standard Scoring

1Christian McCaffreyRBN.C. Panthers355.2
2Derrick HenryRBTEN Titans276.6
3Aaron JonesRBG.B. Packers265.8
4Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL Cowboys257.7
5Dalvin CookRBMIN Vikings239.4
6Michael ThomasWRN.O. Saints225.6
7Nick ChubbRBCLE Browns219.2
8Austin EkelerRBL.A. Charges217
9Mark Ingram IIRBBAL Ravens216.5
10Chris CarsonRBSEA Seahawks195.6

Source: https://fantasyinformation.com/nfl-stats/nfl-fantasy-football-stats.aspx

Top Ten 2019 Fantasy Scores (WR/RB) - PPR Scoring

1Christian McCaffreyRBN.C. Panthers471.2
2Michael ThomasWRN.O. Saints374.6
3Aaron JonesRBG.B. Packers314.8
4Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL Cowboys311.7
5Austin EkelerRBL.A. Chargers309
6Derrick HenryRBTEN Titans294.6
7Dalvin CookRBMIN Vikings292.4
8Chris GodwinWRTB Bucs276.1
9Julio JonesWRATL Falcons274.1
10Cooper KuppWRL.A. Rams270.5

Source: https://fantasyinformation.com/nfl-stats/nfl-fantasy-football-stats.aspx

Top Ten 2019 Fantasy Scores (WR/RB) - Half-PPR Scoring

1Christian McCaffreyRBN.C. Panthers413.2
2Michael ThomasWRN.O. Saints300.1
3Aaron JonesRBG.B. Packers290.3
4Derrick HenryRBTEN Titans285.6
5Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL Cowboys284.7
6Dalvin CookRBMIN Vikings265.9
7Austin EkelerRBL.A. Chargers263
8Nick ChubbRBCLE Browns237.2
9Chris GodwinWRTB Bucs233.1
10Mark Ingram IIRBBAL Ravens229.5

Source: https://fantasydata.com/nfl-stats/nfl-fantasy-football-stats.aspx

More or less, the optimal ten names for each scoring system are the very same. The necessary point to allude out, is that also though the PPR and also Half-PPR scoring system award more points for capturing a pass, the majority of the optimal scorers are still running backs. This indicates that for your first round or two of drafting you will still want to emphasis on getting a running back.

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The scoring mechanism will additionally affect just how many kind of of each place you draft. If I’m in a Standard league, I tend to draft even more running backs. If I’m playing in a PPR league, I favor to draft more wide receivers. In a half-PPR, it’s excellent to have actually a balanced amount of running backs and also wide receivers.

Recap of the scoring system

Standard: Nothing specialPPR: +1 allude for each catchHalf-PPR: +0.5 points for each catch