In Baseball superstar 2013, over there are plenty of different stats and also abbreviations that can influence your video game play. In this guide, we will go end these stats and the different abbreviations in Baseball superstars 2013. You re welcome feel complimentary to let us know if you have actually other questions.

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Baseball superstar 2013 Pitcher Stats and Abbreviations

Pitcher StatsSpeed: The speed of the key will help you obtain an ext strikes.Curve: increase the accuracy and curve the curve balls.Control: greater controls makes your balls more consistent, this help you to throw pitches closer to your target point.Mental: in ~ the beginning of the pitch, the pitcher’s mental value is compared versus the batter’s mental value. If any type of skill is present, the one with the greater mental value’s skill will it is in in effect.

Pitcher related AbbreviationsERA: Earned-run average, (ER times 9) separated by IPInning: How countless innings played.ER: earned runsHits: HitsWin: games wonLoss: games lostHold: Holds. Earned as soon as a relief pitcher beginning a video game in a save situation (see SvOp, below, for definition), records at the very least one out, and leaves the video game without having given up the leadSave:K: strike outPC: Pitchers’caughtstealing.

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Complete runners caught stealing once the player who initiates the fielding pat is the pitcherBB: Bases ~ above ballsWHIP: Walks to add hits split by Innings PitchedK/9

Goal stats that room not discussed earlier.POP: A POP out is as soon as a ball is struggle in the air enough that among the fielders might easily acquire under the ball and also catch it for a regime play.QS: top quality starts

Baseball superstars 2013 Batter Stats and Abbreviations

Batter StatsPower: boost the range and therefore an ext home runs.Contact: boost the chance of you hitting the ball.Baserunning: Have far better runs based upon the variety of access time done.Mental: The mental value in Baseball superstar 2013 is compared with the pitcher. The win side’s skills will get in effect.

Batter connected abbreviationsAVG: Batting average, H divided by ABAB: At-batsSingle: 1 basic runDouble: 2 base runTriple: 3 base runHR: residence runRBI: operation batted inSB: steal basesBB: Bases on ballsSF: Sacrifice fliesSLG: Slugging percentage, TB separated by ABOBP: On-base percentage, (H + BB + HBP) split by (AB + BB + HBP + SF)

Goals:AVG: Batting average, H split by ABHits: HitsHR: home RunRBI: runs batted inSLG: Slugging percentage, TB divided by ABOPS:POP:Cycle: