Friends: every one of Phoebe’s Aliases defined One of the ideal ongoing jokes from Friends was Phoebe"s various transform egos. Here"s a malfunction of the ideal ones, and how they came in handy.

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Friends episode two Phoebes in one scene
Phoebe Buffay to be the many eccentric lead character ~ above Friends, and also her wild personality was intensified by her assorted aliases and alter egos. The character to be played by Lisa Kudrow for every ten seasons of the NBC sitcom, which ran native 1994 come 2004. Kudrow, along with the rest of the key cast, will quickly be returning for a special Friends reunion occasion planned come air ~ above HBO Max.

Out of all the key characters, Phoebe to be presented as the most offbeat member the the core group. In spite of being the oddball, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey accepted Phoebe for that she was. She didn"t have actually the ideal upbringing and also spent much the her early life raising herself on the highways of new York. End time, Phoebe developed a wild imagination. A the majority of her creativity was put into her side gig together a musician, but it also spilled into her feeling of humor.

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Throughout Friends, Phoebe had a habit the using change egos as soon as she wanted to pretend come be another person in the eyes of strangers. End the food of the decade-long series, Phoebe took on a variety of aliases. In season 10, she also legally readjusted her name after her marriage to Mike Hannigan. Upon discovering that she could readjust her surname to anything, Phoebe briefly ended up being "Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock." She also contemplated having actually her friend calling she "Valerie," however had a readjust of love after Mike"s dismay. Once he endangered to legally readjust his name to "Crap Bag," she determined to go by Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan. Various other than "Ikea," when she pretended to be Swedish, and "PeHee," the surname on her birthday cake, Phoebe"s most far-reaching alias was "Regina Phalange."

Regina Phalange was the most commonly used transform ego by Phoebe, becoming one that the show"s most amusing jokes. She take it on the alias any time she want to ~ do so to be a various person which emerged many times in the series. Phoebe very first came up with the alter ego in Friends season 5 ~ Ross blended up Emily"s name by rather calling her Rachel. To define the mishap, Phoebe claimed to it is in Dr. Regina Phalange, Ross" mind doctor, who tried come justify her friend"s mix-up. She provided the alter ego on a couple of other memorable occasions, including in Vegas and also when she aided Joey avoid humiliation v a casting director. In that instance, though, she adapted the usual alias right into a French variation called "Régine Philange."

Phoebe"s invention of Regina Phalange paid off one final time in the Friends collection finale. As soon as Ross to be trying to capture Rachel before she left for Paris, he necessary Phoebe"s assist in protecting against the aircraft from taking off. Phoebe then referred to as Rachel and told her the something to be wrong v the plane"s "left phalange." After repeating the claim to a fellow passenger, Rachel accidentally caused a panic that caused the airplane being evacuated, and Ross was able to reunite with her. If it wasn"t for Phoebe"s phalange idea, Rachel would have actually been ~ above her way to an additional continent. Her favourite alias turned the end to be more significant than she ever imagined.