When something come out the left field that means it was surprising or unexpected.

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Example: Cole has actually put on weight over the years, for this reason he desires to go on a diet. “I’m gonna eat healthier starting right now!” that exclaimed. However, his decision was conveniently put to the test as soon as out that left field his wife came house with a box complete of donuts. (In other words, the donuts were an unexpected surprise.)

The origin Of “Out that Left Field”

The expression out the left field might originate indigenous baseball. How so? Let us see why:In baseball, there room three outfield positions—the appropriate fielder, the center fielder, and also the left fielder. Once a round is hit hard enough, the outfielders job is to capture it, or if the round touches the ground, they retrieve the ball and throw it back to the infield.The speak out the left field need to obviously be introduce to the left side of a baseball field, and the point coming “out” of it would certainly be the baseball. However why is this phrase specifically about the left field, why no the others? Well, worrying that, yes sir one explanation that says the following:Imagine this scenario—A batter hits the ball and there is a base runner sprinting towards residence plate. In this situation, the base runner is facing away native the left field. Therefore if the left fielder scoops up the ball and also throws it come the baseman on residence plate, the jogger would be unable to check out it coming, therefore it would certainly catch the by surprise.Example SentencesI to be enjoying a nice go on a clear summer day, the is, till a dog came out the left field and started barking in ~ me.Similar Examples:Tom was working out on the treadmill as soon as out the the blue his leg obtained a cramp, therefore he had actually to stop.I to be eating dinner when out of nowhere ns heard a according to noise outside.

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