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‘Drinks encompass a variety of margaritas, sangria, tequila, rum and, if friend don"t drink alcohol, strawberry and also mango smoothies.’‘In actual life execute you favor margaritas or beer or whisky?’‘That night, the three of us drank mint juleps and margaritas and watched ‘Blacula.’’‘Slam tequilas, mix margaritas and groove to south Island"s hottest salsa and house together DJ"s rotate the volume up.’‘Suppliers and also operators agree the customers space becoming an ext aware the the tequila in your margaritas.’‘It was clear native the blackboard the it would certainly be a an excellent place for a party, v caipirinhas, minty mojitos and margaritas offered by the pitcher.’‘Choose fruity delights native lemon-rich margaritas to orange-rich sangrias.’‘Someone needs to keep running in and out that the home to mix increase a fresh batch the pina coladas, margaritas and also the like.’‘I think I will go find a coast somewhere and sit there with a margarita or a mai-tai or something.’‘When I pointed out this, a girlfriend told me she had been melted by fall of lime juice when making margaritas on her patio in the sun.’‘If they bring their own tequila, they deserve to order a pitcher of new limeade or watermelon juice to do margaritas.’‘Hungry client gorged on Tex-Mex food and also washed it down with beer or margaritas.’‘The three of united state went out to a bar in town and talked for eras over royal beer and also margaritas.’‘After a pig roast they made the fire vast and they all sat around the fire drinking beer and also margaritas.’‘Everything on the food selection is finest enjoyed through a fishbowl-sized margarita or a lime-injected beer - so dig in.’‘Gary poured Karl"s whiskey and he mixed Kat"s margarita v too lot tequila.’‘The wine and margaritas flowed freely, and also the cake was simply as tasty together the mahi mahi v strawberry salsa.’‘Still, tequila sales room increasing, both in margaritas and shots.’‘They sell seven margaritas and at least twice that number of sipping tequilas.’‘Since you need tequila for this recipe, why no serve margaritas as you cook?’