Before i enlisted in the United claims Army, ns was mentored and prepared for the hell ns was about to confront by my dad In Law.

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John Rumley was one of the ideal cooks the army had ever before seen.

At the time of mine enlisting, john was now a member the the national Guard unit based in Fremont, Nebraska and also any time among the other soldiers inquiry me about my personal background, they would smile and also say, “Oh, you space Chef Rumley’s protege.”

You might give man 3 potatoes, 2 stalks of celery, a cucumber and also some spices, and he would have a delicious enjoy the meal in front of friend in no time.

But where did that meat come from?

Where is Frisky?

I can’t find Frisky

May John remainder In Peace, as I am certain he is cooking an excellent meals in Heaven.

One thing John all set me for was the dreaded KP duty.

As an enlisted soldier, you must be prepared for it, especially if you were anything prefer I was; obtaining in slight problem from time to time:

“Soldier, didn’t you shave this morning? KP duty because that you.”“Wipe the F’in grin off your face Boudonck, you are on KP duty.”

But you recognize what? John ready me for it and also it yes, really wasn’t as negative as countless others claimed.

In today’s post, ns am going to explain what army KP duty is and also how that works.

What army KP Duty Is

Let me begin by telling you the KP represents kitchen police.

No, you are not guarding the kitchen and also wearing a badge.

Police method to gain back order or clean, and that is what KP duty is.

Let’s face it… Soldiers need to eat and be it a mess hall at a ft or in the field, there needs to be personnel who reclaim order and clean up.

That duty is placed on the small enlisted personnel.

You may have actually seen old movies that proved enlisted soldiers peeling potatoes; well, that is no so much the case anymore.

Technology has actually made KP duty less complicated in numerous ways, but there are still dishes to wash, floors to mop, rubbish to take it out, etc…

And today, military KP is not almost as poor as that was also in my days in the Army

The reason is because the military has hired an ext and an ext civilian personnel to take care of some the the kitchen duties.

But, once you very first enlist in the United states Army, you still have to prepare yourself for KP duty.

The primary reason military soldiers detest KP duty

I don’t believe it is the occupational itself the the young enlisted dislike KP duty.

It is the hours that KP duty have to be done.

The soldier must gain out that his/her bunk long prior to the rooster crows, and also clean increase of the last enjoy the meal happens as soon as other soldiers room relaxing after ~ a tough day.

Plus, KP duty is on top of constant duties.

How military KP Duty Works

I mentioned earlier that in many army installations, civilians handle many of the kitchen duties.

In some cases, an enlisted soldier may be offered some KP duty, even when civilians room running the kitchen detail, because that minor infractions that do not call for an post 15 or a non-judicial penalty hearing.

Most generally, in today’s Army, KP duty is used during basic training come prepare soldiers for military life.

You will additionally find it used in many military National safety units because the funding for civilians is not there.

The means it functions is junior enlisted soldiers are placed on a rotating schedule.

Depending top top the dimension of the unit, there could be several soldiers top top KP duty at any type of given time.

The duties they will encounter might include:

Food prep v no cookingWashing dishes, pots and also pansCleaning floorsWiping tablesFood servingTake out trashetc…

Just around anything the kitchen employee orders the KP soldier to do, they should do.

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Some advice given to me around KP duty

Even if KP duty is offered as a form of punishment, that is ideal that you perform not consider it punishment.

It deserve to be a an excellent learning experience.

One of the greatest ways to discover is to watch.

As a young man, food preparation was not in my area that knowledge; sure I could control to scramble some eggs, or whip up some boxed macaroni and also cheese.

But my time serving top top KP duty, especially in the field, assisted me learn exactly how to make a enjoy the meal from item that numerous other people would never dream of.

I mean, us really have actually to provide a large thumbs increase to army cooks, because they have the right to turn rotten sausage right into steak.

Look in ~ KP duty together service.

Without that project being done, the army would no run on all cylinders.

It is as important as any kind of other job since soldiers should eat.

KP duty teaches us just how to it is in humble.

I likewise discovered the if you don’t whine and also bitch; the if you do your KP duty as if girlfriend love it; you acquire treated quite well by those great Army cooks.

“Hey, taste this Boudonck,” or “Sit down and eat this item of pie soldier,” were common occurrences once I go KP duty as if i loved it.

By the way, there is another good benefit… serving food permits you to obtain to understand the various other soldiers in your unit.

The way they eat and also act towards you can be provided in your favor.

You see, there is this inner bug that let’s those soldiers know that you have some control over your food.

Now ns am not saying to it is in “dirty,” yet with those a-holes, that scoop that rice or potatoes might be simply slightly smaller than the soldier in front of them.

Knowing you have actually some strength over your chow will certainly tame your ego slightly in the direction of you.

Just perform it v a smile and also they will shortly learn.

KP Duty final Thoughts

So let’s hear your thoughts around the dreaded KP duty.

Did you dislike it?

Do friend have any other advice friend would give soldiers that are facing their very first round of KP duty?

Do friend have any type of questions?

Just short article any and also all below.

Wit that, i just have to share the finest Shit on A Shingle recipe ever devised from my father In Law.

If friend don’t have an idea what Shit on A Shingle is… You have actually missed out.

You need:

A loaf of bread2 pounds of ground beef½ cup flourBeef bouillon – 1 cube1 ¼ cup powdered milk3 ½ cup of warmed water1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1 tespoon salt¼ teaspoon pepper

Brown the floor beef and drain the fat.

Add the flour, salt, pepper and the bouillon; mix together and also cook one more 4-5 minutes until the flour is absorbed.

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Mix the powdered milk v the water and also then add that to the floor beef mixture along with the Worcestershire sauce.