If you have actually a mini separation that provides an E1 error password there is a few things come check prior to calling one HVAC company.

Several things can cause an E1 error password on a mini split and of course the error deserve to be produce specific.

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The most usual fix is to revolve the unit off at the breaker because that 2-5 minute resetting both indoor and outdoor condensers.

Steps To settle a Mini split E1 Error password

Power Off the UnitTurn power Off at the Breaker because that 2-5 minute Resetting the Unit turn the power On and view if the error walk away

Resetting the entirety system is the an initial step and often solves the problem.

If the error comes earlier below is much more things that have the right to be checked prior to calling a HVAC tech. Causes the E1 Error Code

Dirty wait FilterLoose Wiring ConnectionsCommunication problem in between the indoor and also outdoor unitsBad PCB Board

Air FilterMany units will provide an E1 code to remind a home owner come clean the filter.

The filter is situated in the inside unit usually under the door or ~ above the really top.

They deserve to be removed and also cleaned v water.

After cleaning the filter download it back into the unit and reset it again to check out if the error password clears.

Loose Wiring ConnectionsSometimes a wire have the right to become loosened causing a poor signal and also with the strength off checked.

Both the inside and also outdoor devices plugs can be confirm to check out if any wires have become loose.

Often a loosened connection wont be visible and also need each plug driven on come check.

Communication problem between the indoor and also outdoor unitsThe inside and outside units have a 4-8 wire interaction line the goes in between the 2 units.

The communication line and also voltage lines can be checked to be certain they have a great connection.

Be sure the power is off before opening the panels.

PCB board Error The PCB board can also cause an E1 error.

If this is the difficulty it is likely time to contact an HVAC technology to check it.

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Brandin Atterberry October 12, 2019

I have actually an american typical mini split system, failry new, keeps analysis e1 error password in heat only mode, and also everything else works fine. Already reset it three times and also keeps doing it.

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Johnny Edward Bates January 17, 2021

Did you ever before resolve this mine is doing the exact same thing?

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