2. Rigidly conventional, together in manners, opinions, and tastes: " struck part as uptight or even prissy, a person so private she could be hard to read" (Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson).

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uptight - gift in a it s too dirty state
adjective (Informal) tense, wired (slang), anxious, neurotic, uneasy, prickly, edgy, on the defensive, top top edge, nervy (Brit. Informal) coin never gained uptight about exams.


<ʌpˈtaɪt> ADJ → nervioso, tensoshe"s very uptight this particular day → está muy nerviosa or tensa hoyto get (all) uptight about sth → ponerse nervioso por algodon"t obtain so uptight! → ¡no car pongas tan nervioso!, ¡no te pongas tan neura!
(= as far as) → jusqu"àHe was as much as his knee in water → Il avait de l"eau jusqu"aux genoux.to count approximately fifty → compter jusqu"à cinquanteto go as much as sb → s"approcher de qnto come approximately sb → s"approcher de qnShe came up to me → Elle s"est approchée de moi.
(= until) → jusqu"àup to 1990 → jusqu"à 1990up to currently → jusqu"à maintenant, jusqu"ici, jusqu"à présentup to climate → jusque-là, jusqu"alors
(= as numerous as, as much as) → jusqu"àup to 20,000 college student → jusqu"à 20 000 étudiantsup to three hrs → jusqu"à trois heures
(= dependency on) it"s as much as you (= her choice) → c"est comme tu veux, c"est à vous de choisir (= it"s her responsibility) → ça dépend de toi, ça dépend de vousWe might go now or later on - it"s as much as you → ~ above peut y aller maintenant ou to add tard - ça ne dépend que de toi.It was as much as him to do it rightBUT C"était à lui de rattraper l"erreur.
(= same to) to be approximately sth (= capable of) <+ job, task> → être à la hauteur de qchHe"s not approximately it → Il n"est pas à la hauteur de la tâche.to feel up to sth (= fine enough) → se sentir d"attaque to water qch
(= engaged on) what is he increase to? → qu"est-ce qu"il peut bien faire?He"s up to something → Il manigance quelque chose.to be up to no an excellent → ne rien préparer de bonup-to-date approximately date
<ˌʌptəˈdeɪt> adj
(= modern) → moderneto carry sth up to day <+ methods, system, equipment> → moderniser qch
(= updated) → à jourto bring sth up to date <+ correspondence, information> → mettre qch à jourto save sth up-to-date <+ records, file> → tenir qch à jour
(= informed) → au courantto keep up to date → se tenir au courantto keep up to date with sth → se tenir au courant de qchto store sb increase to date → tenir qn au courantto keep sb up to date with sth → tenir qn au courant de qchto carry sb increase to day → mettre qn au courant
adj (inf: = nervous) → nervös; (= inhibited) → verklemmt (inf); (= angry) → sauer (inf); voice → gepresst; expression → verkrampft, verkniffen; to get uptight
(about something) → sich (wegen etw) aufregen; (→ auf etw acc) → verklemmt reagieren (inf); → (wegen etw) sauer werden (inf); he is pretty uptight around these points → der sieht so to be ziemlich eng (inf); no require to acquire uptight around it! → nun krieg dich mal wieder ein (inf); she’s so uptight about sex → sie ist therefore verklemmt was Sex angeht


→ عَصَبِيُّ الـمِزَاج podrážděný anspændt verkrampft εκνευρισμένος tenso kireä coincé napet teso 緊張しきった 긴장한 zenuwachtig anspent spięty nervoso встревоженный spänd ตึงเครียด gergin căng thẳng 紧张不安的
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IN A victorian Scandal: The Rudest publication In brothers (BBC4, Wednesday), us were called we had actually been acquiring the supposedly uptight Victorians wrong for a really long time.
It to be a an excellent thing, together per Solis, that members that the Philippine media met Go and also discovered the is not uptight in ~ all, yet "very lovable."
JACK Ross insists the does not gain "uptight" around opposing managers passing judgement ~ above Sunderland as the big fish in organization One.
Broadway comedy through Andrew Bergman focuses on a married pair whose residential tranquillity is wrong by the arrival of the wife"s goody-goody sister, the sister"s uptight husband, and also their Jewish mother.
When Lizzie states that she isn"t uptight, the previous CIA certified dealer points the end that "only an uptight human would speak that."
That, I"m afraid, is a finish reversal that that details comedy rule and would average I to be hilarious, and also you, mine friend, are the uptight, no-sense-of-humour ninny.
The interactions between Cera"s uptight tourist and also Crystal Fairy"s planet goddess in this mostly improvised movie prompt most of the laughs and the gang"s psychedelic suffer is a hoot.

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It stars Brendan Gleeson as an unorthodox ireland policeman v a confrontational personality who is teamed up with an uptight FBI agent to inspection an international drug-smuggling ring.