When complying with any new sport, it is crucial to number out just how to check out the standings of the main league, and also following the NHL is no different. The standings can be confusing at first, yet with a small knowledge lock are quite straightforward.

The purpose of the NHL standings is to show which team, at any given moment, is in a place to make the Stanley Cup playoffs. The most important element of the standings is how numerous points every team has actually represented through the ‘P’ or ‘PTS’. Every team is battling come be one of the groups who has actually earned sufficient points by the finish of the season come qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Let’s look at at just how you have the right to read the standings to number this out.

The NHL Standings room all about: Playoffs, Playoffs, Playoffs

The consistent season in the NHL is all around getting enough points to qualify to make the Stanley Cup playoffs. As teams look at their place in the standings, the key question they room asking is: are we in a playoff position or not?

It is all around getting a opportunity to win the Stanley Cup!

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A team does no qualify because that the playoffs by obtaining a specific number the points, but instead through being one of the top point earners in the conference. 16 groups from the league (of the 31 complete teams) will make the playoffs: 8 from each conference.

To aid us recognize if your team is in the playoffs or not vs. Other teams, we need to learn two different things around the standings:

What every one of the symbols mean at the height of the standingsHow each the the teams is grouped into conferences, divisions and wild cards in the standings, and also how that determines if your team is high enough in the standings come qualify for the playoffs

What is with all of the names and symbols in the standings?

Each conference is broken into 3 partsThe two divisions are damaged out with just the top three teams in the department representedThe remainder the the teams in the conference who space not in the height three spots in the department are inserted in the Wild Card portion of the standingsThe top team in each division will play one of the wild card teams. The teams who finish 2nd and 3rd place in the department will beat each various other in the very first round of the playoffs The division winner with the many points will certainly play the wild card with the the very least amount the points.The Wild map winners space the two teams with the most amount of point out of the continuing to be 10 groups in the conference who did not place in the height 3 department slots.Any ties in the standings in points will certainly be cleared up by who has the most ROW points.

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Remember this is whichever team has actually won the most games in regulation and also overtime and does not encompass the shootout.