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According come my own observations, many soccer enthusiasts uncover it hard to understand football abbreviations and acronyms, specifically the ones discovered in soccer league and World Cup tables. Nearly all new football pan cannot understand the tables fully without consulting experienced soccer fans or gaining assistance from the Internet.

This short article is about football abbreviations and also acronyms and also what they was standing for. Check out on to understand the full an interpretation of GA, GF, GD, MP, FC, FIFA, Caps, Apps, VAR, and other terms.


What walk GA, GF, GD, and also MP average in Football?

In brief, GA, GF, GD, and MP was standing for Goals Against, Goals For, Goal Difference, and Matches Played respectively. Other usual terms like Apps and also Caps mean Appearances (both), which space the variety of times a player has played for their nation (or club) or participated in a competition.

Soccer Table Abbreviations and Their Meaning

P, Pld – played (i.e., variety of matches or gamings played through a team).MP – Matches play (sometimes supplied in ar of P, Pld).W – winner (i.e., number of matches won).D – attract (i.e., number of times a team has actually finished a complement with an also score or tie).L – loss (i.e., number of matches lost).GS – goals ScoredF, GF – purposes For (sometimes supplied in ar of GS).A, GA – Goals against (i.e., number of goals conceded by a team).GD – Goal distinction (i.e., difference between GF and also GA, and sometimes denoted by +/-). Follow to the tables above, team B would win under the goal distinction criterion.PD – Points difference (i.e., difference between GF and also GA, and also sometimes supplied in place of GD).GAvg – Goal average (i.e., GF divided by GA). According to the tables above, team A would victory under the goal median criterion.GR – Goal ratio (i.e., GF split by GA, and also sometimes used in location of GAvg).Pos – position (sometimes denoted by #).Pts – clues (i.e., total number of points earn by a team after playing a certain variety of games). A team is forgive 3 points after ~ winning a complement or one suggest if the video game ends together a attract or tie.

Brief evaluation of a Football organization Table

Teams belonging come a specific league are ranked based on their total variety of points and also goal difference. This way that the team at the top of the table has actually the highest variety of points when the team in ~ the bottom has actually the lowest variety of points.

If two teams have the same variety of points, they room ranked based upon the goal difference. The team with a premium goal difference is ranked on height of the other. If that happens the the two teams have the same number of points and also same goal difference, the goals for (GF) or head-to-head power is offered to separate the two teams. Worrying the head-to-head performance, the team the scored much more goals when the two groups met (home and also away) gets a greater ranking.

In instance you are new to soccer leagues, many leagues function 10-20 teams. Considering the English Premier League has 20 member clubs, every team needs to play 38 gamings (home and also away matches) prior to the season ends. The total variety of games play in the league per season is 380 and also the maximum variety of points a team deserve to earn is 114.


The table above shows Chelsea football Club as the winners the the 2016/2017 English Premier organization title. They finished the season with 93 points having won 30 matches, drawn three, and also lost five. They score 85 goals and conceded 33 which provided a goal distinction of 52.

At the bottom side, Sunderland Football club finished with 24 points after winning only six games, illustration six, and losing as countless as 26. Their GF, GA, and GD to be 29, 69, and -40 respectively.

In most leagues, the last three teams room relegated come a lower league division and are changed by the top three groups from the lower division. Because that example, Sunderland FC, Middleborough FC, and Hull City FC to be relegated and also replaced by Newcastle FC, Brighton FC, and Huddersfield city FC (play-offs winners) from the EFL Championship division.

The top teams in the significant leagues qualified for significant competitions. Because that example, Chelsea FC, Tottenham FC, Manchester City FC, and Liverpool FC qualified because that the 2017/2018 europe Champions League. The fifth, sixth, and seventh inserted teams, which were Arsenal FC, Manchester unified FC, and Everton, qualified because that the Europa League, yet Man unified FC qualified for the Champions league after win the 2016/2017 Europa League.

M – mite (i.e., man-to-man coverage).V – Volley (i.e., mid-air kick).BH – ago Heel (i.e., when the ball is kicked making use of heel).

BK – Bicycle kick (i.e., kicking the sphere backward end the head).

Ca – Counterattack

CK – corner Kick

DR – Dummy run (i.e., running without the ball).

FK – totally free Kick

GG – Give and also Go (also denoted by 1-2).

In – Inswinger (i.e., curving kick).

OT – Offside trap (i.e., putting attacking football player in an offside position).

OG – very own Goal

OS – out Swinger (i.e., kick the moves far from the goal).

PK – punish Kick

ST – sliding Tackle

TI – litter In

ZD – zone Defense (i.e., area occupied by defenders).

BTB – Bending the ball (i.e., bring about the sphere to follow a curved path).

MMM – Man-to-Man Marking

OTP – One-Touch Pass

TTB – Trapping the round (i.e., regulating the ball).

DRM – Dead Rubber enhance (match in a series where the series result has currently been decided)

N – Neutral

AC – Assistant Coach

AF – progressed Forward

BC – sphere Carrier (i.e., player own the ball).

CD – main Defender

CM – central Midfielder

GT – Goaltender (i.e., goalkeeper).

LM – Linesman (i.e., help referee).

RB – Right-Back

TM – Target Man

CPT – Captain

DMf – protective Midfielder

HMf – hold Midfielder (i.e., player who plays in the prior of the central defenders).

BTBMf – Box-to-Box Midfielder


U – Unofficial

AD – far Draw

AL – far Loss

AT – included Time

AW – far Win

BS – coast Soccer

DB – Dead sphere (i.e., as soon as there is no play and also the round isn't moving).

ET – Extra Time

Fr – Friendly

DH – twin Header (i.e., two gamings played in between the same two groups on the very same day).

Ko – Kickoff (i.e., beginning of the game).

NT – nationwide Team

HA – Home and Away

QF – Quarter-Final

SF – Semi-Final

PR - positions Roles

WC – civilization Cup

AET – ~ Extra Time

TO – Timeout

DFK – Direct complimentary Kick

DEF – Defense

BIP – round In play (i.e., as soon as the ball is in ~ the play field).

HTH – Head-to-Head

IFK – Indirect complimentary Kick

FFB – Fifty-Fifty ball (i.e., once opposing players reason equal influence on every other once going because that the ball).

OTM – Overtime Minutes

MIN – Minutes

OFF – Offside

Sub – Substitution

BOOP – ball Out Of pat (i.e., once the round is out of the play field).

PSO – punish Shootout

Disc – Discipline

Mins – Minutes

AP – attack Power

AS – aggregate Score (i.e., sum of home and away goals).

Av – Average

LT – Livescore Table

PG – Penalty absent Goals

PT – prediction Table

SA – conserve Average

SG – Shots ~ above Goal

Sh – Shots

SR – conserve Ratio

TS – top Scorer

App (Apps) – Appearances (i.e., variety of times a player shows up for matches in a competition).

Blk – clogged (i.e., blocked shots).

FSL – football Scoring List

FTS – Failed come Score

GAA – Goals enabled Average

GWA – video game Winning Assist

GWG – game Winning Goal

Hat – cap Trick (also denoted by HT, view above).

OTL – Overtime Losses

OTW – Overtime Wins

MPK – Missed penalty Kick

Pct – Shooting percent (i.e., purposes scored every shot on the goal).

PKS – punish Kicks Saves

Rsl, Res – Result

SHO – Shutouts (i.e., offered to the winning team if the adversaries didn't score).

SOG – Shots ~ above Goal

SOT – Shots ~ above Target (sometimes supplied in ar of SOG).

Stl – Steals (i.e., variety of times a player has seized a sphere from the opponent).

Caps – Appearances (i.e., number of times a player has played for their country).

SPct – save Shooting Percentage



Other football Abbreviations and also Acronyms

Soccer Officiating and Referee-Related Abbreviations

E - Elimination, Expulsion (i.e., referee provides red map to dismiss players).BW – punch WhistleEJ – Ejections (i.e., variety of red-carded football player in a enhance or league).RC – Red CardYC – Yellow CardVAR – video Assistant RefereesMO – match Official

Soccer Field and Object-Related Abbreviations

GL – score LineGM – goal Mouth (i.e., area closest to the goal).TL – Touch line (i.e., outside edge the the field).J – JerseyCb – Crossbar (i.e., a bar connecting goalposts).Np – Nearpost (i.e., goalpost nearest the ball).VF – noodles Foam (i.e., marker for free kicks).GLT – Goal-Line Technology

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Soccer company Abbreviations

SI – sports InteractiveSS – shirt SponsorJD – Jersey DesignerAM – Assistant ManagerFM – football ManagerTD – Team DoctorTF – transfer Fee (i.e., selling price the a player).TN – Team NameTW – transport WindowFFP – Financial fair Play (i.e., regulation that manage club expenditure).

Soccer compensation Abbreviations

CC – club of the CenturyDA – development AwardFA – fan AwardFW – FIFPro World11BMC – ideal Men's CoachBMP – finest Men's PlayerBWC – best Women's CoachBWP – finest Women's PlayerFPC – female Player of the CenturyCOTM – Coach of the MonthPOTC – Player the the CenturyPOTM – Player that the Match, Player the the MonthWCDT – human being Cup Dream TeamWCATM – civilization Cup All-Time TeamWCOTY – human being Coach the the YearWPOTY – world Player that the Year

Soccer Abbreviations with Multiple Meanings

A – Away, Attack, Attacker, Assists

B – Back, Boots, Booter (i.e., kicker), Brace (i.e., one player scoring two goals), box (i.e., rectangular area close to the goal).

C – Center/Central, Corner, Cross, Coach, clear (i.e., absent the ball out that the attention zone), fist (i.e., referee offers yellow card to warn players).

D – Defender, Dribble

F – Forward, Foul, Field, Final

G – Goal, Guard, Gloves

H – Home, Header, Head (i.e., kick with head).

I – Inside, Injury

K – Kick, Kicker

O – Outside, Offside, Obstruction (i.e., impede opponent).

P – Penalty, Pitch, Period, Promotion, Possession, punting (i.e., lengthy pass towering in the air).

R – Right, Referee, Relegation

S – Suspension, Sponsor, Stands, Shot, Striker, Statistics, conserve (i.e., excellent by goalkeeper to protect against conceding), Sweeper (i.e., player who kicks the round to eliminate threat).

T – Tackle, Ticket, Ties, Time

W – Winger, Whistle

AB, am – abandoned Match, Armband

AR – Assistant Referee, benefit Rule (i.e., foul however the game doesn't stop).

BP – back Pass, sphere Possession

CP – Catches and also Punches (i.e., provided by goalkeeper ~ above the round to prevent conceding), center Spot (i.e., kickoff ar at the facility of the field).

CS – community Shield, Clean Sheets (I.e., because that goalkeeper when he hasn’t to be scored against).

FC – Fouls Committed, football Club, soccer Coach, facility Forward

FP – Far article (i.e., goalpost furthest native the ball), football Positions.

FS – Fouls Suffered, Fouls Sustained, full Squad, Futsal (i.e., at home football).

FT – Fullback, full Time

GA – goal Area, goals Allowed, purposes Attempted

GK – Goalkeeper, goal Kick

GP – games Played, goal Post

GS – games Started, group Stages, score Scorer

HB – Halfback, Hand sphere (i.e., ball coming into call with the hand which is additionally an offense).

HT – half Time, Hat-Trick (i.e., one player scoring three goals).

LB – Left-Back, loosened Ball (i.e., once two the contrary players room eligible to obtain the ball).

Mf – Midfield, Midfielder

PA – Puskás Award, Penalty absent Attempts

PO – punish Spot, Playoff

SB – Score Board, Substitute

SL – Scoreline (i.e., match results being presented on a screen), Sideline (i.e., ar border).

SK – Scissor absent (i.e., kicking the round forward if jumping up in the air), Spot-Kick (i.e., penalty kick).

TP – with Pass, Team Physician, Toe punctured (i.e., kicking through the toe).

VS – Versus, noodles Spray (i.e., marker for totally free kicks).

WP – large Play, vast Player (i.e., wingers and fullbacks), Wall-Pass (i.e., offer the ball and also go).

CF – Center-Forward, corner Flag (i.e., flags inserted at the four corners the the field).


AP – Amapa (clubs from the Brazilian state).

BC – brothers Championship (i.e., a tournament).

D2 – department 2

FA – The football Association

FC – football Club

IL – worldwide League

MC – major Cup

MT – major Tournament

VI – win International

WI – Wartime International

AFC – asian Football Confederation

EPL – English Premier League

FPA – same Play Award

ICC – worldwide Champions Cup

CAF – Confederation Africaine de Football

CFA – Chinese football Association

CSA – Canadian soccer League

CSL – Canadian soccer League

ECF – europe Championship last (i.e., a tournament).

ECP – european Championship Preliminary (i.e., a competition).

EFL – English football League

FUR – soccer Union of Russia

ICC – international Champions Cup

MSL – major Soccer League

NCS – national Championship Series

ODP – Olympic development Program

OFC – Oceania soccer Confederation

PDL – Premier development League

PDL – Professional advancement League

PDP – Player advancement Program

PLS – Premier organization Soccer

PSL – Premier football League

PRO – skilled Referee Organization

SAC – southern American Championship (i.e., finals tournament, additionally known as Copa América).

SPI – Soccer strength Index

TFC – The football Confederation

TOA – Team owner Association

TSE – total Sports Experience

UEL – UEFA Europa League

UCL – UEFA champions League

USA – joined Soccer Association

USC – UEFA super Cup

USL – united Soccer Leagues

WCF – world Cup last (i.e., a tournament).

WCP – civilization Cup Preliminary (i.e., a competition).

WPS – Women’s skilled Soccer

WSF – Women’s soccer Federation

APSL – American experienced Soccer League

AYSO – American Youth soccer Organization

CISL – continental Indoor soccer League

ECNL – upstream Clubs nationwide League

FCWC – FIFA Club people Cup

FFPS – Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer

FIFA – Fédération international de football Association

FIRA – Federation of global Robot-soccer Association

ITSF – global Table soccer Federation

LTPD – long-term Player Development

MISL – significant Indoor football League

MUFC – Manchester united Football Club

NASL – north American football League

NCSL – National funding Soccer League

NPSL – National experienced Soccer League

NWSL – nationwide Women’s soccer League

SAFA – southern African soccer Association

UEFA – Union des Associations Européenes de Football

USFA – United states Football Association

USSF – United claims Soccer Federation

WISL – people Indoor soccer League

WPSL – Women’s Premier soccer League

WUSA – Women’s united Soccer Association

CMISL – Canadian major Indoor soccer League

NSCAA – national Soccer Coaches association of America

USASA – United claims Adult soccer Association

CONCACAF – Confederation the North, American and also Caribbean combination Football

CONMEBOL – Confederación Sudamericana de Fūtbol


Abbreviations and acronyms are quite widespread in the world of FIFA soccer, but these are the most usual ones. All countries in the world have sporting activities associations, and also all the associations' names space abbreviated. So over there are definitely thousands of sports-related abbreviations and also acronyms out there.

If you have actually some soccer abbreviations and synonyms not detailed here, friend can add them in the comments section below!


Ominsky D., Harari P.J. "Football do Simple: A Spectator's Guide". Book. An initial Base Sports, Inc. (1994).Nelson D. M. "Anatomy of a Game: Football, the Rules, and the men Who do the Game". Book. Associated University Presses. Newark. University of Delaware Press. (1996).

Questions & Answers

Question: What does GF sporting activities stands for?

Answer: This is a sports and also entertainment company, with the GF standing because that Gary Fuhrman - the founder.

Answer: First-Person view - supplied in gaming.

Question: How plenty of substitutes are enabled in football?

Answer: Three, yet there is a brand-new rule that enables a 4th substitute in extra time (the added 30 minutes). It is currently applicable in world cup. I don't know if it will be applicable in organization games.

Question: What walk it median that the three teams will it is in replaced? will certainly these groups go to various other leagues?

Answer: This way that they will go to reduced leagues in the exact same country.

Question: What go "CS" mean on SOCCERSTATS.COM?


These letters have a number of meanings in the civilization of football abbreviations, but in this case, most likely it method Clean Sheets (especially because that goalkeepers).

Question: What if a soccer team winner by default, just how is the abbreviated?

Answer: It's quiet going to be W or W/O, W.O (walkover).

Question: What does (H) and (A) median in ESPN soccer enhance performance?

Answer: H stands for residence (i.e., play at the residence ground) when A represents Away (i.e, play at the opponent's ground).

Question: What walk "first-person perspective" (FPP) mean?

Answer: In gaming, it means rendering native the ideology of the player's character, or in an easy terms, play as if you were looking with the player's eyes.

Question: What's the an interpretation of AP in a football match?

Answer: Maybe attack Power or Amapa clubs the Brazil

Question: goals Scored(H) or (A) and Goals Conceded(H) or (A) native ESPN FIFA Women's world Cup power Stats 2019-20 ns can't know what H and also A stand for?

Answer: They mean as follows:

Goals score (H/A) - purposes scored at home ground/ away ground so far in the season (2019-2020).

Goals Conceded (H/A) - goals conceded at house ground/ far ground so much in the season (2019-2020).

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