Slang starts the end on the periphery, a distinct manner that speech distinct to a particular class or group of people.

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After that, tiny by little, some slang words do their way into the tendency lexicon.

They become staples of ours language and also common means of express ourselves.

To journey this allude home, we require not look more than digital conversations keep going currently.

How numerous have you heard a mrs being defined as a “Karen”?

What about describing an old guy with different opinions as a “boomer”?

There are many other expressions the we usage every day the originated as slang.

Examples include “I feel you,” “my bad,” and also “you bet.”

Today’s indigenous is no different. “Frfr” is definitely slang, one that still hasn’t do it right into mainstream English.

Whether it will certainly eventually achieve this feat stays to it is in seen.


What does “Frfr” mean?

Simply put, “Frfr” is one abbreviation of “for real, for real.” that is a method of demonstrating come the listener that you room being ~ above the level v them. The is an ext commonly supplied in text than the is used in really speech.

Where does “Frfr” come from?

Originally, civilization used “fr” to average “for real.” you would discover this abbreviation a lot online, especially throughout chatting and also using messenger.

The word evolved with time, and another “fr” was included to emphasize the honesty and sincerity conveyed.

You deserve to think that it together the difference in between someone saying, “I really prefer this coffee” and someone saying, “I yes, really really choose this coffee.”

The difference could seem pedantic, however it is simply a matter of emphasis.

How do you use “Frfr”?

Before we have the right to look at details uses, we need to establish a couple of things.

Firstly, seeing as “frfr” is slang, it has no place in the workplace.

It is informal, and also using it through your boss is the fastest means to come across as unprofessional.

Consequently, it just makes feeling for you to usage it v your friends and also close acquaintances.

Secondly, this word is way more renowned in text format than that is in speech. In fact, no many civilization use the in speech, and also if you use it when talking, human being might find it strange.

Like most slang, “frfr” is popular among the young crowd, so anyone end forty could not even understand what it means even once you use it in text.

Additionally, people who use “frfr” often tend to use other slang terms together well. So, that wouldn’t be out of the question to come across a text choose this, “frfr g2g. Brb.”

However, since we are trying to learn much more about “frfr,” we will certainly not use it with various other esoteric slang terms, and also we will look at just how the word would certainly be offered in both writing and also speech.

With every this said, we have the right to now look at the different uses.

”Frfr” used to suggest honesty

“Frfr” is provided to suggest honesty and also sincerity. That synonyms in this situation are “honestly” and also “sincerely.”

For instance, let’s say that your friend is trying to find your phone and thinks you’ve surprise it together a prank, you could respond through saying, “Frfr, I have no idea where your phone call is. Ns didn’t take it it.”

And, if you’re making use of it in text, it could be provided as follows.

Friend: girlfriend going out tonight?

You: Nah man. Ns think I’m staying home tonight.

Friend: You constantly say that. But, you finish up going the end anyway.

You: no this time. I’m make the efforts to settle my sleeping cycle and also get to bed at an early stage frfr.

”Frfr” provided to reinforce a certain point

However, “Frfr” can likewise be offered to tension on a specific point, in which instance it is gift used instead of words choose “seriously” and also “genuinely.”

If you are trying to examine while your roommate is play their musical instrument in the following room, this could make it hard for you come focus.

So, you might decide to speak to your roommate and also explain the situation to them.

“Listen, any type of other job of the week, I would be happy come hear friend play your guitar. But, I have an test tomorrow, and I frfr have to study to pass.”

In the over example, you room stressing the importance of you researching for the big exam, so the word “Frfr” would make sense in this context.

When provided in text, “Frfr” can likewise be supplied to journey a details point.

If two students are mentioning their presentation because that the following day, this might be the conversation they have together.

Friend #1: have you finished your component yet?

Friend #2: no yet. I’m still pack up the research.

Friend #1: You require to obtain a relocate on frfr. Us don’t have much time, and also I desire to rehearse once before we was standing in front of the whole course tomorrow.

”Frfr” used to convey agreement

Another consumption of “Frfr” involves agreeing v someone else. In this case, “Frfr” emphasizes the fact that girlfriend see things eye to eye, making that another means of saying “I agree v you 100 percent.”

Let’s imagine the you and your best friend are pointing out movies.

Friend: have actually you checked out the recent Christopher Nolan movie?

You: Ooof. The course, i have. That was a an excellent movie.

Friend: Yeah, frfr. Ns was glued to mine seat because that a solid 2 hours.

In text, the same logic pretty much applies.

If you and your friend space talking around visiting another colleague who has just had a medical operation, the text conversation might go something prefer this.

Friend: have you went to Tara after she’s had actually the operation?

You: no yet, yet I’ve meaning to.

Friend: Neither have I, and also I’ve been emotion crazy guilty about it.

You: We should visit she this weekend.

Friend: Yeah, frfr. She went to me ideal after my accident. I’ll collection it up.

”Frfr” provided to shut someone up

This one is used throughout special contexts. Specifics you can use that if you feeling someone is not being on the level through you.

If you feel the someone is gift dodgy or feeding girlfriend a the majority of nonsense, you can use “frfr” come tell castle to cut it out and also to give you a straight answer.

Let’s say the you space talking to a friend, asking them where they put the publication you lent them.

However, your friend is being dodgy, giving you this long-winded story about how they walk out with your book in your backpack and …

Friend: So, i was out, and also I had actually your publication in mine backpack, right? Anyway, as I was getting on the bus, i …

You: Dude, frfr, go you lose my book?

What you room asking your friend in the above example is to reduced the games and also to be ethical with you.

The same exact logic applies when it comes to text.

”Frfr” supplied to refer disbelief

Another intake of “frfr” requires the conveyance that disbelief. It’s the exact same as saying “seriously” when you listen or see something surprising.

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If your texting v your friend and also they call you that they lastly asked your crush out, this can be the taking place text conversation.