Where is Baton Rouge located?

Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s funding City and also the hub that all points Louisiana. Through a prime, central location—just an hour far from new Orleans & Lafayette—Baton Rouge is the perfect city to explore the eclectic culture of this impressive state! Baton Rouge is also served by Interstates 10 & 12. 

What is the population of Baton Rouge? 

According to the 2020 united state Census, the populace of eastern Baton Rouge Parish is 456,781. The Baton Rouge MSA populace is 849,530. Baton Rouge is among the largest cities ~ above the Mississippi River and also one the Louisiana's many populous.

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What is the climate in Baton Rouge? 

Baton Rouge has actually a semi-tropical climate, perfect because that outdoor activities. The weather is consistently heat from may to September and also winter is usually mild and short-lived. Feather is glorious v cool nights and warm, sunny days. Precipitation is fairly well-distributed and ample transparent the year with an average yearly precipitation of 55 inches.

How did Baton Rouge adopt its name? 

Over 300 years ago, in 1699, French explorer Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville called Baton Rouge because that the "red stick" follow me a Mississippi river bluff. It is from this "red stick" the Iberville christened our city "le Baton Rouge." 

When was Baton Rouge called the capital of Louisiana? 

In 1846, Baton Rouge deserve its title as Louisiana’s State Capital, and almost four years later, the Old State residence was completed. 

When to be LSU established? 

LSU was established in 1853 in what is now well-known as Pineville, Louisiana and also came to Baton Rouge in 1869. The campus was situated downtown before its relocate in 1926 come its present location. LSU is the flagship institution of the Louisiana State college System, and the largest institution of greater education in Louisiana in terms of student enrollment.

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When was southerly University established? 

Southern college was established by Louisiana State Legislature act 87 in 1880 to serve as an institution of higher learning, graduating students and graduate levels pertaining come arts and letters because that persons the color. It is the largest historically black college or university (HBCU) in Louisiana, a member-school the the Thurgood Marshall university Fund and the flagship institution of the southern University System.

What air services are offered to Baton Rouge? 

Baton Rouge is available through everyday jet organization via American, Delta, United and united state Airways. Many hotels provide complimentary transportation to and also from Baton Rouge metro Airport. Rental cars, taxi service and shuttles are additionally available. For an ext information click here. 

What space the tax quantities in Baton Rouge? 

9.95% sales tax; 6% hotel/motel tax