edit by lily, no it doesnt. If the x is across the hand, itsstraight edge which is versus drugs and alcohal. But if the tattoois in between the finger and thumb, it method your a druggie. Mine momand her friends got them once they to be 16 about. Trust me on thisone. Heres a far better explanation i found on yahoo benidormclubdeportivo.org. However yeah.alot of civilization get them spanned up with flowers later on. My momsgetting that done next month. Various other than she though, just one ofher friends got it covered.

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A couple of years ago I gained a star between my thumb and also finger. It"s avariation of "party dots". And also basically mine star, or party dots,showed that i was a party and it"s a thing druggies do.

So, normally if you see something like a star, dots, X, a peacesign, ect that"s what it will mean.

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But, several of them don"t typical that, choose the flower I now havecovering up the star. The really relies on the person, however if theyare young, or got it when they were young, it"s more than likely the partdot thing.

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