Ear piercings for guys, left or right? There are prevailing ideas when it comes to men and getting their ears pierced, and that’s what we room going to discuss here.

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There was a time where getting your ears pierced was a display of your sexual orientation; several of these principles lingered on.

However, what walk the current people have to say about men piercing your ear or ears? Let’s discover out.

In i beg your pardon ear do males wear an earring to show they’re not gay?


One can say live in a dominantly heterosexual culture, and some men want to identify as such. Over there is the misunderstanding that just queer men wear earrings and likewise on a specific ear lobe to display they identify as gift such.

That’s, however, not the case. The hip hop human being and also other genres have pertained to show united state that straight males can additionally wear earrings on either ear and no own will speak to them gay.

Even so, there is the prevailing thought that you deserve to wear an earring ~ above a details earlobe and not be considered gay, and also that’s what we’ll explore.

What ear her wear the earring counts on where you’re from. For example, in America and also Australia, as soon as you wore your earring on the left ear, girlfriend were taken into consideration gay.

Across the pond, the reverse is the same. However, the was the situation in the earlier times prior to the 1980s, and also things changed. The was considered rather awkward if not terrifying for a straight male to acquire pierced in the wrong ear as it sent the dorn message.

However, there is a prevailing consensus in some circles nowadays that if you desire to present your straight, you obtain your left ear pierced. If friend pierce the right, then you’re interacting that you space gay.


Those in the lab world, together with bikers and also pirates, took on the left ear to present that they room straight. ~ above the various other hand, once asked, a most gay males will say the ear piercings as a means to identify them is outdated and thus have to not it is in taken seriously.

Even so, those who wear your earrings top top the right need to put up with the prevailing perception that people know they space gay.

To amount this debate up, the ear you acquire a piercing on varies from society to culture. In some, the idea is outdated also though it to be the norm about 30 years ago.

In part countries, cultures, and even sub-cultures, lock still host the belief that whereby the earring go signifies if you’re happy or not. Therefore, it is best to questioning those roughly you or the general society to find out what their beliefs are.

It is particularly vital if friend live in a ar where they host deep classic values about gender roles and also masculinity.

If girlfriend pierce your best ear, room you gay?


As mentioned, where you live dictates if piercing your right ear is considered gay. Many of the people has adopted western ideas and have become liberal in terms of body piercings.

That’s why you’ll watch male K-Pop artist stay makers and earrings, and their sexual choice is not put right into question.

The larger generation could frown upon it, but millennials and the generations that have come after don’t pay lot attention come what’s taken into consideration gay or not as soon as it pertains to ear piercings.

Therefore, the question around what is considered gay depends on where you live. However, in the mid-80s and 90s, males threw the narrative the end the home window and gained ear piercings in every little thing ear castle pleased.

For the reason, generally, you can not tell if a man is gay or straight just by looking in ~ which ear is pierced. That is additionally worth noting that there space stereotypical principles of what it way to be gay.

However, that falls apart as soon as you meet human being who, by every standards, “act straight” however date various other men. That’s why, if the situation allows, it’s precious asking; suspect is not totally helpful.

Can you gain your both ear pierced if you are not gay?


Similar come the best ear-left ear questions around what’s considered gay, it was initially thought that having actually both ears pierced meant that you were gay.

However, through the coming of both i know good hop and also rock and also roll artists piercing both ears, the pervasiveness of the idea faded.

It is not unusual to see guys with both ear pierced and also either wearing huge diamond earrings or something an ext discreet.

Here, again, much depends ~ above the context you live in and the basic perspective that those around you.

Simply, if you choose the look, the current attitude dictates that having both ear pierced is more out the style and self-expression and also not about your sexual orientation.

There are tons of jewelry lines that additionally make earrings for males that often tend to be much less complicated than what ladies would otherwise wear. Men mostly go for plug earrings and Huggies; castle look an excellent but still have a simplicity to them.

Those opting to obtain ears pierced have to be mindful about the earrings lock get. The is not an invitation to share earrings with their woman counterparts, as it will certainly be assumed the they room gay.

Go because that earrings that space either unisex, or it has been categorically declared that they are made for men.

Remember that less is much more unless you’re going for an event that requires you to it is in flashy, climate diamond or cubic zirconia earrings would certainly be ideal.


Men that pierce their left, appropriate or both ears nowadays only demonstrate that they room cool.

The idea of what’s gay and what’s no is, in most cases, is one outdated idea that goes earlier 30 years.

With Millennials gift the largest populace in the world and also Gen Z taking over, the narrative that Baby Boomers had around men getting their ear pierced has faded.

Therefore, if you’re wonder what ear to get pierced, pick your favorite, or both and go ahead and get lock pierced.

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