Are you wearing environment-friendly today come celebrate St. Patrick's Day? maybe you're also wearing a shamrock. It's a unique symbol that the day.

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Find out much more about the shamrock, and also may the luck of the ireland be v you!

What's a shamrock?


Photo credit for the shamrock: cobalt123 on intuitive Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

A shamrock is a kind of clover plant the makes civilization think that Ireland. Yet don’t be fooled right into thinking the it’s a lucky four-leaf clover.

A genuine shamrock only has three pipeline — however that doesn’t average it’s not lucky!

In fact, in ireland folklore (and plenty of other cultures), the number three is taken into consideration very lucky. So a plant with three leaves would have lots of lucky — other than for poison ivy which also has 3 leaves!

Is the a clover or a shamrock?

There space a lot of various theories around what form of clover is officially referred to as a shamrock.

There space so many types of clover — white clover, yellow clover and even red clover — every with 3 leaves.

To shot and pick an main plant, Ireland's department of agriculture did number of polls and also nominated the yellow clover as the "true" shamrock.

What's v St. Patrick?


Statue the St. Patrick holding a shamrock. (Wikimedia/John Stephen Dwyer/CC BY-SA)

The shamrock is a prize of St. Patrick — the patron saint the Ireland, and also the person this holiday is named after.

Legend states that St. Patrick supplied the clover come teach the divine Trinity, but today many people believe that's just a story.

Whether or no the stories room true, civilization still associate the shamrock with St. Patrick and also with Ireland.

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Are shamrocks magic?

There are numerous stories about shamrocks having actually magical powers.

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Some human being think the the shamrock can predict the weather. Others think it can break a leprechaun's curse.

Even if they room not magical, it’s fun to undertake a shamrock and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!