How to use the Protector in Pokemon Sword and Shield and evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior

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Rhydon is an old school ‘mon beloved by many for his no thrills capacity for dealing damage, but you can make this creature even more powerful with the Pokemon Sword and Shield Protector item. This allows Rhydon to be evolved into Rhyperior, a Generation IV update that covers Rhydon in orange cladding and makes it even more difficult to take down. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the Protector in Pokemon Sword and Shield and walk you through the evolutionary process so you know how to evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior.

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The big Rock-type pocket monster Rhydon can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield by heading to Route 10, where there’s a 25% chance it can appear in the long grass. Beyond that, there’s also a really solid chance to find him roaming around as one of the bigger solo monsters to fight in the lower end of Dusty Bowl in the Wild Area. You could also find a Rhyhorn in the Motostoke Riverbank section of the Wild Area and level it up to 42 so that it evolves into Rhydon. Look out for the Intense Sun or Sandstorm weather symbols, as if they are in effect they will make you more likely to find both Rhydon and Rhyhorn in the wild. As always, if you’ve got a friend with a spare, set up a trade!

Where to get a Protector in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Now that you’ve wrangled a Rhydon, you need to find the item necessary to evolve it into Rhyperior. To find the Protector you have to head to Route 9 (specifically Circhester Bay) and ride out into the water, past all the trainers until you see a trainer standing next to a sign post. Go up and around so you’re on his right hand side and progress further to the right in the water until you find a little cay with a Pokeball sitting there. You’ve found the Protector!

You can also pick up a Protector from the Hammerlocke Pokemon Center. Speak to the Watt Trader lass to the side of the Pokemart vendors and she will offer you a Protector for 10 BP. You earn Battle Points by fighting in the Battle Tower, which is only available in the postgame of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Now you’ve got the item, you need to get in touch with a trusted friend who also owns Pokemon Sword and Shield. Simply use Link Trade to set up a direct connection and send your friend your Rhydon while it"s holding onto the Protector.

To equip the item head into the menu and make your Rhydon hold the Protector so that it goes with the monster when you send it over the internet to your friend. When you get it back the Rhydon will have evolved into the superior Rhyperior, and the evolutionary process will come to an end. Simple!

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