Introduced in generation one, with the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and also Green games, Goldeen is a monotype water Pokemon. The is the first stage in its 2 stage advancement line and also evolves right into Seaking as soon as it reaches the level threshold. Goldeen is share by the Pokedex as the “Goldfish Pokemon” which shows its general design. This guide will showcase Goldeen’s ability in battle, the appearances in the anime, and other basic facts about Goldeen. 


About Goldeen

As among the initial 151 Pokemon, Goldeen an initial appeared in the original collection of the anime in the illustration Pokemon Emergency. This to be the second episode of the anime and also it presented Misty and her Goldeen. Goldeen is the an initial stage evolution of its two stage evolution line and also it evolves into Seaking as soon as it get level 33. The Pokedex mentions the Goldeen’s billowing tail fin offers Goldeen the nickname that the Water Queen. 

First figure in animePokemon the initial Series: Pokemon Emergency
First appearance in gameRed/Green (Japan) Red/Blue (International)
Region Kanto
Evolution Base development of Seaking, not recognized to evolve from any other Pokemon
1st Evo level33
2nd Evo levelN/A
Pokedex EntryGoldeen is a an extremely beautiful Pokémon with fins that billow elegantly in water. However, don"t let your guard down around this Pokémon - it might ram friend powerfully v its horn.

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Goldeen basic Stats



Goldeen is a white and orange Pokemon the resembles a goldfish. Most of its body is white with splashes of orange and a small pointed horn on its head. It has actually two blue eyes v black pupils and pink lips. It has actually a small, wavy dorsal fin top top its back, and also it has actually a long tail fin. Goldeen"s billowing tail fin is admired by plenty of for its beauty and also its same to a ballroom dress. Goldeen is a small Pokemon at 2 feet, or 0.6 meters, tall. 



Despite Goldeen’s goldfish-like appearance, it no to be kept in captivity. If Goldeen is kept in an aquarium, that will usage its horn come smash its method out. As soon as Goldeen satisfy each other in the wild, they will certainly fight to see whose horn is stronger. It has actually an wild temperament and also trainers space told come be cautious of that in the wild. The Pokedex mentions the Goldeen will certainly gather together and swim up waterfalls and also rivers seasonally.

Strengths and also Weaknesses

As the base evolution Pokemon the its development line, Goldeen is not specifically powerful. The physical strike is that is most powerful stat, and also it has actually a decent rate stat because that a base advancement Pokemon. However, it has a weak distinct attack and also a low health and wellness pool, for this reason you deserve to knock out a Goldeen quickly. Together a monotype water Pokemon, Goldeen takes 2x damages from grass and electric form moves. It has no immunities yet is resistant to steel, fire, water, and also ice kind moves. However, the can likewise have the Lightning rod ability, which renders it immune to electric kind moves.

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Best Moveset

As a base evolution Pokemon, Goldeen is most at house in the LC (Little Cup) bracket of competitive play. In this format, it only has to confront other base development Pokemon, and with its capacity Lightning Rod, it can help negate some electric type weaknesses on your team. Usage an Eviolite or a Life Orb held item if you want to run a protective or offensive set respectively. Think about running Waterfall, Drill Run, knock Off, and Poison Jab/Megahorn. Waterfall benefits from STAB (Same type Attack Bonus), Drill run is supposed to fish for crucial hits, Knock off can attend to problematic held items, and also Poison Jab/Megahorn room interchangeable as type coverage options. 

WaterfallDrill Run
Knock OffPoison Jab/Megahorn

How to record Goldeen in Pokemon Go?

If friend would prefer to achieve a Goldeen in Pokemon Go, there room a couple of different ways of law so. Girlfriend can find Goldeen spawning in the wild, at a increased rate, near docks, harbors, rivers, canals, oceans, beaches, and other watery areas. Goldeen can also be hatched from 2 and 5 km eggs however unfortunately, no Goldeen or its development Seaking have appeared as a raid boss in the past. Friend will require to find a Goldeen in the wild or hatch one from eggs in order to acquire this Pokemon. The takes 50 candies come evolve Goldeen right into Seaking. 



Goldeen’s original name in the early advancement of Pokemon was “Goldy”The inspiration for Goldeen’s architecture seems come be based on a goldfish. The name Goldeen is a mix of the native goldfish and queen. 


At what level go Goldeen evolve at?

Goldeen will evolve into Seaking once it get level 33. There are no various other special problems to meet for this evolution, and Goldeen will begin to evolve into Seaking once it will the level threshold. Friend will require to permit the evolution animation to beat without pushing the “B” button. 

Are every Goldeen female?

Despite the feminine appearance, and the link of the indigenous king in Seaking and queen in Goldeen, it has actually a 50/50 sex ratio in the mainline games. Any type of Goldeen you conference is just as most likely to be female or male. It has many feminine features, such together frills and pink scales, however only half of the Goldeen friend encounter will certainly be female.

Is Goldeen a legendary Pokemon?

Nothing around Goldeen classifies it together a legend Pokemon. It can be encountered more than when per conserve file, it deserve to be bred in ~ a Pokemon Daycare, and it deserve to evolve into one more Pokemon. Goldeen does not qualify because that any component of a legend Pokemon, so it is no a legend Pokemon. 


Congratulations, girlfriend now understand just about everything there is to know around this “Goldfish Pokemon”. While Goldeen’s influence on the competitive atmosphere is somewhat limited, the is amazing as one of the original 151 Pokemon. The can likewise prove to be resilient with its typing coupled v its Lightning Rod ability invalidating a super efficient type. To make reservation a slot on her team for Goldeen if you want a mixed defensive and offensive water form Pokemon.