A dilute specimen is a urine sample the has greater water content 보다 the mean specimen, i beg your pardon minimizes the medicine levels visible in the urine. Occasionally dilution is intentional, but it can happen accidentally as well. If the drug levels do not with a details cut-off allude established by the laboratory, the specimen will not be significant positive for the drug even if it is detected. Listed below we explore what reasons diluted medicine test results and also how you have the right to prevent specimens from gift diluted.

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Diluted drug Test Results

What causes a Diluted drug Test Specimen?

Most diluted medicine test outcomes are created unintentionally through the participant. This can happen when an applicant spend an excessive amount that fluid, diluting the concentration of urine in the sample. However, that is also possible for specimens to be diluted on function by who who really hopes to cheat the test and hide their drug use. The participant can (1) deliberately ingest lots of liquid or (2) pour fluid directly into your urine sample. Both techniques will reduced drug ratios in the urine, and also the laboratory will detect the diluted medicine test results. Neither technique guarantees a an adverse result.

How do Laboratories finding Diluted drug Test Results?

To recognize diluted urine, laboratories watch at number of parameters, consisting of the levels of creatinine in the sample. Creatinine is a compound produced when one individual metabolizes creatine. Laboratories flag samples that have actually unusually high (more than 5mg/dL) or strangely short (less 보다 20 g/dL) creatinine levels. The is a myth the cheating participants deserve to raise your creatinine levels by acquisition creatine or eat red meat come evade detection.

Labs can additionally identify diluted drug test results by measuring the certain gravity that the specimen. If the is much less than 1.0010 or higher than 1.0200, it is marked dilute.

Why are Diluted medicine Test results Such a Problem?

Diluted drug test results make it complicated to determine if the participant is using drugs, as they may provide inconclusive results. There space two varieties of dilute specimens: positive and also negative. Through a positive diluted drug test, the laboratory picks up the existence of one illegal substance despite its dilution. Whether intentional or accidental, the dilution didn’t hide the drug levels. Negative diluted medicine test results are one more story.

With a an unfavorable diluted check result, it is unknown whether the person had any drugs in their system due to the fact that there space two possible conclusions. First, the participant may be drug-free but simply consume a lot of fluids. Second, the participant may communicate in drug use however successfully disguise this through dilution. For this reason, one employer need to not think about a an unfavorable diluted medicine test an outcome grounds because that rejecting a task applicant or firing an employee. Instead, they have to schedule a 2nd drug test and also do their finest to avoid dilution the 2nd time around.

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How can You prevent Dilution as soon as Drug Testing?

To stop both accidental and also intentional dilution of medicine test results, employers, participants, and testing centers are encouraged to usage the following tips:

Schedule random drug testing so that participants cannot arrangement to dilute your sample beforehand.Participants are urged not come drink more than one complete glass of water (or any kind of other fluid) before testing and also to protect against diuretics (such as coffee, eco-friendly tea, and black tea).Drug tests need to be scheduled in the morning, once urine is much more likely to be concentrated.The trial and error site should include dye to the toilet water and also turn turn off the faucets to avoid the participant indigenous diluting the specimen v water.Do not allow participants come bring personal items into the testing site, together they might attempt to sneak in water to dilute their sample.

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