Everyone’s heard the a murder of crows, but what do you contact a team of jellyfish once they benidormclubdeportivo.orge bobbing by? Or a horde that crocodiles that’s paddling determinedly in the direction of her canoe? It’s times choose that when you need the ideal vocabulary (and no the four letter kind…)

Enter our list of the weirdest collective nouns because that Australian Animals…also known as a ‘List of most likely Useless Taxonomies that may benidormclubdeportivo.orge up in Pub Trivia One Day’. You have the right to thank us later for this.

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1. A PARLIAMENT of Barn Owls

Most Aussies would agree that a parliament consisted of of owls would probably be an development to the consistent sort.

Also, exactly how cute space owls? 

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3. A PARADE the Echidnas

A weird cumulative noun for a small, slow, spiky monotreme the dislikes public displays of emotion.

4. A mob of Kangaroos

Quite an aggressive word for animals that spend most of their time resting of grazing. Incidentally, also the name for a group of emus.


5. A WEDGE of black color Swans

Black swans embrace the famous ‘wedge’ formation when paris to alleviate wind drag…and because it looks way more badass.

6. A BASK the Crocodiles

A BASK feels around right, however we’d also have welbenidormclubdeportivo.orged a TERROR or a HELL NO.

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7. A CONVOCATION that Wedge-tailed Eagles

…kind of makes every eagle collection sound prefer a meeting of the U.N.

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9. A PADDLE the Platypus

The cutest cumulative noun due to the fact that a ‘Cuddle’ the puppies or a ‘Waddle’ of penguins.


10. A CRACKLE the Cockatoos

Probably called for the sound castle make as soon as you litter them top top the barbie (joking – you re welbenidormclubdeportivo.orge don’t barbecue our native wildlife).

11. A LOUNGE the Blue-Tongued Lizards

An uber-cool VIP lounge no doubt, whereby Blue-Tongues cave out and discuss Frill-Necked Lizards behind their back.

13. A ________ that Koalas

Yep, it’s true. Over there is no official collective noun for a group of koalas. Allegedly it’s since you never really watch them travel in groups, and their eucalyptus diet pipeline them too worn down to type meaningful relationships. It’s over to you, Australia. What should we contact a group of koalas? A NAP? A DISCO? an INVASION? Tell united state in the benidormclubdeportivo.orgments!

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