I desire to know, deserve to I use hero in this sentence to refer to someone that is female? go it make sense?

Mom you are my hero.

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Or is it far better to to speak

Mom you room my heroine.



" my hero" is a stock phrase -- it"s a somewhat humorous means of praising a person. It"s a bit more natural to use "hero" in this sentence, nevertheless of the subject"s gender.

That being said, both words make perfect feeling in this sentence. Neither one is wrong.

Heroine is a indigenous of the feminine gender, so that is applicable to her mother and the an interpretation of the word is applicable, so I would not strongly object to using this option. However, hero is more than likely preferable here.

It is worth note that because mom adequately signifies gender, there is no require to represent her sex twice. Young name Webster wrote the following on page 31 of A Philosophical and also Practical Grammar the the benidormclubdeportivo.org Language, i beg your pardon was published over 2 centuries ago in 1806:

In all cases, as soon as the sex is sufficiently indicated by a separate word, names might be used to represent females there is no a distinct termination. Thus, altho females are rarely soldiers, sailors, philosophers, mathematicians or chemists, and we seldom have actually occasion come say she is a soldier or an astronomer yet there is not the the very least impropriety in the application of these names to females when they own the requisite qualifications because that the sex is clearly marked by the word she or woman or the ideal name the the woman as "Joan of Arc to be a warrior." "The Amazons, a country of woman warriors."

He did no revise this supplication in a later edition of this work, retitled to An boosted Grammar that the benidormclubdeportivo.org Language (1931), i beg your pardon was created after his American thesaurus of the benidormclubdeportivo.org Language (1828). One American dictionary of the benidormclubdeportivo.org Language had words like soldieress (although he marked that as unused), and also warrioress, so the mere existence of feminine alternatives was not enough to sway his opinion. As such, we deserve to presume that a sentence such as the one you grant would have been acceptable due to the fact that the beforehand 19th century, definition that there room no grounds for objecting come this, even on a traditionalist basis.

As a matter of fact, renowned usage suggests that there is no any far-reaching usage the the heroine variation:


This additionally seems relatively rare online. Personally, I have the right to only see 4 up to four pages of results from Google, and that is just after I allow the alternative to see possible repeat results once you reach the last page.

There are likewise some reasonably modern-day considerations, such together the usage of of a homophone, heroin, i beg your pardon is the name to a drug, bring about potential (albeit unlikely) man in really speech: It could be taken as metonomy because that addiction, rather than heroism. Moreover, the reality that the sex neutrality movement regularly has a tendency to shot to fully emasculate indigenous of the masculine gender when over there is no neuter alternative, in an effort to correct societal preconceptions about gender roles, together is the situation in the "Are Heroes constantly Men?" ar of American Heroes in a Media Age by Susan J. Drucker and also Robert S. Cathcart (©1994), as viewed on page 24:

Current Dictionaries encompass both male and also gender neutral meanings for hero. In Webster"s Third brand-new International dictionary (1964) the first meaning is gender-neutral, the second male, the 3rd male, and the 4th gender-neutral. The term hero is not exclusively used because that males, however heroine is simply used because that females. As listed above, current guidelines for nonsexist language stress the removed of needless sex terms. Sex neutral terms such together letter carrier, waitperson/server, trip attendant, and so on, are required in job descriptions. Hero should be a gender-neutral word the is used for both men and also women. If hero proceeds to be the term because that males and heroine for women, sex stereotypes will certainly continue.

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In isolation, I could not personally think about these contemporary factors so particularly convincing that the must eschew heroine in and of themselves. However, since there is no need to do otherwise here, because mom currently signifies femininity, castle do add to the persuasiveness of picking hero in that is stead.