Yellow bellied slider is not less famous as a pet 보다 the red eared slider turtle. This semi-aquatic varieties spends many of that is time in water and also occasionally comes the end to bask.

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The care sheet of a yellow bellied slider has actually similarities with the one of a red eared slider. As a beginner, the yellow slider can be the ideal option due to the fact that it is unique, a great addition come the aquarium, and also easy come take care of.

How come take care of yellow bellied slider? here is what to ensure:

A tank the minimum 100 gallon water capacity.Basking platform with UV lampStrong water filter and a tank heater.Balanced dietRegular health and wellness checkup

If you desire a detailed care sheet for her yellow bellied slider, then continue reading.

Yellow Bellied Slider care Sheet


For a printable variation of this amazing care sheet, click here.

How come Take care Of Yellow Bellied Slider?

Starting the turtle maintaining journey v a yellow bellied turtle can be rewarding. As a newbie, you will certainly learn how to take care of a semi-aquatic species, which needs two various setups in a single tank. Caring for a yellow bellied turtle is not hard, yet yet you may challenge a couple of challenges.

With the proper environment and also care, a yellow bellied slider turtle have the right to adapt to the captive case in no time. That is crucial to gather together much understanding as possible on its natural habitat to recognize the turtle’s simple housing requirements.

Take a quick look in ~ the geographic distribution of yellow bellied slider turtle in the wild: The types is indigenous to north America and also usually resides in Alabama and Virginia. These areas are significant as humid subtropical lands. It means the yellow bellied sliders room comfortable with hot summer and mild winter seasons.

The varieties live in slow moving water bodies, swamps, marshes, and wetlands as well. They gain both swimming and basking under the sun.

Keeping in mental the wild setting of a yellow bellied slider, here are things you should take into consideration while prepare its care sheet. Such as,

Tank sizeTank collection up (Lightings, filter, heater, basking dock, decorations, etc.)DietHealth issues

Let’s discuss in detail.

Tank size And straightforward Requirements

In the wild, the yellow bellied sliders live in slow relocating rivers, ponds, or marshes and also bask top top the logs or rocks. Professionals suggest replicating the organic habitat in the enclosure as lot as possible. So, a tiny congested tank will certainly not work-related for increasing yellow bellied sliders.

An adult masculine yellow bellied slider grows about 9 inch long, while a matured woman reaches 13 inch in length. Hence, that goes there is no saying the this types requires a spacious tank come live.

For a single adult yellow bellied slider, a tank the at the very least 100-gallon water capacity is best suited. Some turtle keepers use a 75-gallon tank for raising adult male yellow sliders. However, i strongly recommend buying at least a 100-gallon aquarium for your pet yellow bellied slider turtle. Having extra an are never bothers this turtles.

Follow the dimension of 48 inches long and also 12 customs high while picking the aquarium. One-foot depth is perfect because that the baby and young yellow bellied sliders. However, the adult specimen might prefer a 16 to 18 inches deep tank.

If you are thinking around housing lot of yellow bellied turtles, you have actually to obtain a larger aquarium. Follow to the traditional rule, multiply the carapace length of the existing turtle by 10 gallons. Then perform multiplication the 5 gallons v the second turtle’s carapace length. The complete sum an outcome is the minimum tank dimension you call for to home your many yellow bellied sliders.

The yellow bellied sliders space polite and innocent creatures. But do not mean too lot decency native them. If these pets obtain a means out of the enclosure, they will grab the opportunity without a 2nd thought. Prefer all other species, the yellow bellied sliders shot to to escape the tank out of curiosity and excitement. Hence, extending the aquarium head is a must, especially at night.

Raising the yellow bellied sliders in an outdoor pond is an excellent option. The the end habitat comes up with a an ext natural atmosphere for the pets. A tortoise pond is a reliable choice for you if you have enough room in your backyard and also you have actually multiple specimens.

However, for preparing an out habitat because that a yellow bellied slider, you have to consider the weather. Throughout winter, keeping the yellow slider turtles out will pressure the pets come hibernate. Also, that is no advisable for many captive pets. So, you have the right to only enable your yellow bellied turtle in the outdoor pond throughout the summertime.

Another downfall the an outdoor yellow bellied slider pond is the protection issue. Once your turtles space outside, they are exposed come predators. To resolve this issue, you have to create secure fencing about the pond.

The elevation of the fence need to be 2 or 3 times the carapace size of her yellow bellied slider. Also, sink the wall surface so deep into the ground the it have the right to not be uprooted. This way, neither her pets have the right to escape the area, nor, any kind of predators have the right to enter. And yes, one overhead covering with chicken cable will dual the protection.


Basking Dock

Yellow bellied sliders space semi-aquatic, which means the varieties enjoys basking a lot. It prompts the necessity of a basking platform in the enclosure many times. Without a proper basking spot, her yellow bellied sliders will experience from the complying with health issues:

Due to the absence of dried area, the yellow sliders will certainly spend an ext time in the water. The will cause respiratory illness.The wet shell and also skin produce a much more welcoming setting to the bacteria and also fungus. Hence, the yellow bellied sliders may gain infected by them.Shell rot, white or black patches on the skin, or covering are common problems when your pet turtles execute not gain a basking station.

I hope you have construed why all professionals suggest offering a basking dock in the yellow bellied slider’s enclosure.

While selecting a basking communication for her yellow bellied slider, you have two options. Either build one at house or walk shopping. For a DIY basking dock for her yellow slider, you can select any of the adhering to materials:

FoamMetal sheetPlasticPlankRockCeramic tiles, etc.

You need to make certain the edges of the basking station room not sharp. Also, make the station sturdy sufficient to organize your turtles.

If you carry out not desire to get into every the DIY stuff, purchase a commercial readymade basking dock for her yellow bellied slider turtle. Given the plethora the choices available in the market, picking the ideal basking platform deserve to be a little bit challenging. Come ease her difficulties, I have actually sorted the top 3 basking train station for her yellow bellied turtle. Below is the list:

I, personally, have used every the 3 basking docks, and also they have served well. Ns have likewise reviewed these commodities from my own user experience. Offer a click below to uncover out every the pros and also cons the the basking platforms.

No issue if you want to to buy or build a basking dock, you should think about a couple of things. Such as,

The basking dock need to be spacious so the the yellow bellied slider deserve to move around.Make sure the basking station is sturdy, together a yellow slider weighs in between 4 come 8 pounds.The dock must be at such a elevation that water does no splash on the floor. You have the right to keep the ramp submerge to do it available to the yellow bellied sliders.Avoid slippery floored basking platforms. Her pet turtles will not be comfortable with the texture.Finally, make sure the dock is in the best proportion with the tank. If the communication covers many of the water, then you should acquire a bigger tank.

In the instance of an the end yellow slider tortoise pond, a basking communication is still necessary. Log, brick, rock, or plank will certainly make a wonderful basking terminal in an external habitat.

Lighting Arrangements

Yellow bellied sliders are ectothermic and diurnal species. Enable me to malfunction the an interpretation of these words and the relation of these two terms v the bright arrangements in the turtle enclosure.

The ax ectothermic describes cold blooded creatures. Favor all reptiles. The yellow bellied slider turtles also fail come generate warm in their bodies. Because that warming up, this turtles solely depend ~ above the bordering temperature.

On the other hand, the diurnal shows the many active period of the yellow bellied slider’s day. These turtles usually perform all their activities, swimming, eating, and playing indigenous dawn to dusk. Throughout the night, the yellow sliders sleep peacefully.

To fulfill these two features of a yellow bellied slider, you have to collection up two various lights in the enclosure. Such as,

Heating bulbUV bulb

Set both the bulbs in together a manner that they cover the basking area. When the tortoise gets ~ above the dock, it have to feel the warm of the bulb. This way, the pet will certainly not be cold, and also its human body temperature will always be in the suitable range.

UV bulbs space designed come generate man-made UVA and also UVB rays. Both the exposures play significant roles in the yellow bellied slider’s life. Such as,

The UVA rays boost the turtle’s activity, mental relaxation, adjustment behavior, feeding necessity, and also other behavioral factors. Experts suggest that without UVA exposure yellow bellied sliders may feel worried or mentally stressed.The UVB exposure has actually a direct attach to the yellow bellied slider’s digestion and also physical health. Without these rays, the turtle deserve to not preserve a well balanced vitamin D3 production. Consequently, the hampers the process of calcium absorption, and the turtle suffers indigenous shell/bone deformation or MBD diseases.

For all these reasons, setting up a UV lamp in the basking area is mandatory because that indoor yellow slider enclosures. In the instance of the end habitats, the sunlight will meet both the requirements of the heat and also UV rays of your pets.

In the indoor basking dock, the temperature should be around 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For this purpose, a 60 watt or 80 watt bulb will serve alright. While picking UV lamps, the ones through a 2.5 come 5 percent UVB space perfect because that yellow bellied sliders.

You have to keep the irradiate on for only 12 hours a day together the yellow bellied sliders space diurnal. During the night, rotate off both the UV and heating bulb unless your hatchlings sleep ~ above the dock. Also, replace your UV bulbs every six months to keep the beam quality.

Now, many people ask me if yellow bellied slider turtles require a night irradiate in your enclosure or not. See, no turtles need light if they are sleeping. You might be surprised to know that these turtles deserve to see in ~ night. So, the answer is no, the turtles carry out not call for special bulbs, and they have the right to sleep in the dark.

However, you have the right to still collection up dim night bulbs or viewing lamp in her yellow slider tank for the complying with reasons:

Yellow bellied sliders, especially the newly bought ones, tend to to escape the tank at night. The bulbs will help you observe her pet from time to time.Some night lights spread out off the warm with no or minimum brightness. Top top cold days, these bulbs deserve to be valuable to store your pet turtles warm.

It is approximately you even if it is you desire a night lamp in your yellow slider’s tank or not. Simply make sure the light is no so bright for the turtle’s eyes. Otherwise, it deserve to irritate the pet’s eyes and mess increase its sleep cycle.

Setting up two or 3 lights in a single tank can make the enclosure look crowded. To you re welcome both your eyes and also the turtle’s requirements, you deserve to buy mercury lights. This lights carry out both heat and also UV rays.

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When it comes to selecting a UV desk lamp or heating bulb, beginners frequently get confused. Here is a to buy guide, and also it will aid you obtain the right light for your yellow bellied slider turtle.