By Joannes Vermorel, October 2014The Min/Max inventory ordering method is a an easy reordering system that is supported by countless ERPs and also other species of inventory monitoring software. The “Min” value represents a share level that triggers a reorder and also the “Max” value represents a brand-new targeted stock level complying with the reorder. The difference between the Max and also the Min is frequently interpreted as the EOQ (Economic order Quantity). And also while Min/Max inventory to plan is rather a crude method for perform ordering, Min/Max settings deserve to be dynamically changed to offer much better inventory performance.

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Historical perspective

The Min/Max technique was among the more quickly automated list replenishment methods to be used in enterprise software specialized to list management. The primary advantage of this an approach is its extreme simplicity of implementation.
This method tracks the current complete stock level, i beg your pardon is generally the sum of the stock-on-hand to add the stock-on-order because that every single SKU. When complete stock reaches the Min value, a reorder is triggered. The reorder amount targets the Max worth for the new total stock level, thus the reorder amount is the difference in between Max and Min (i.e. Max minus Min).In its original form, Min/Max notified was considered to be a reasonably static technique of inventory regulate where the Min/Max values were hardly ever changed, possibly a couple of times per year. The ABC analysis was frequently used to overview practitioners to spend much more time revising the “A” items i beg your pardon traditionally require an ext attention 보다 “B” or “C” items.

Dynamic mediate of the Min/Max settings

One the the an obstacle faced by providers seeking to optimize their inventory is that their existing inventory management software does not necessarily offer any kind of advanced predictive reasonable aimed at constantly and also automatically adapting the Min/Max values. However, the Min/Max mechanism is not a blocking problem in itself. Indeed, presume that one more software, specialized to inventory optimization, is capable of overwriting the Min/Max worths on a daily basis because that every SKU, climate in this case, any kind of inventory manage strategy stays possible.To allow such a dedicated software come act and also replace the straightforward Min/Max an approach of the key software, the adhering to rules deserve to be used:When no reorder requirements to be made (according to the devoted inventory optimization software), the Min quantity will be set at zero or also -1, preventing any type of reorder from taking place.When a reorder that X-quantity demands to be made and also assuming that the full stock is S, then both the Min and the Max value need to be set to X+S.By adhering to these rules, the default Min/Max habits which is reorder to the max will certainly perform specifically as instructed through the inventory optimization software program that sit on height of the currently inventory management software.
While it could seem a little convoluted to have two unique software systems for list management and also inventory optimization needs, we have observed that these two problems should be addressed very differently. For an ext details, see our inventory control page.

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Relationship through quantile reorder points

The quantile forecasting viewpoint uses a direct statistical calculation for the reorder points. From the Min/Max bespeak perspective, when a reorder is to be made, both the Min and Max values should be updated v the reorder allude value result from the quantile estimate calculation.Then, keeping both Min and Max values equal all the time would, in practice, command to constant reordering every time any solitary unit is sold. In fact however, except for drop shipping situations, reorders space not do on-the-fly as soon as client orders space received. Instead, reorders are usually made according to a pre-determined schedule.When a reordering schedule is present, it simply means that the Min/Max values should be zeroed the days wherein no reorder is an alleged to take place for any type of given SKU. In this case, the information worrying the reordering schedule is incorporated into quantile forecast themselves straight through a liked lead time.