If you space farming peacock in your backyard friend probably discovered that they’re not picky and consume most types of foods. 

In a quick note, Peacocks are omnivores, an interpretation they eat vegetables and also meats. In the wild, they largely consume forage the seeds, grass, flowers, insects, and little Reptiles. 

Hence, the captive peafowls typically eat different vegetables scraps, fruits, seeds, insects, fresh meats. 

 That way you can feed your Peacock through different types of foods. But, you are here since you desire to know around what food and drinks they choose to eat? and what varieties of food room recommended to ensure higher health? 

Here is a perform of foodstuffs that a peacock eats and a complete guide come ensure a healthy diet. Later, we will carry out a diet graph of their daily feed. 

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What carry out Peacocks Eat? What carry out Peacock Drinks? Feeding Peafowl for acquiring Health and WeightFAQ around Peacocks Food and also Drinks: 

What carry out Peacocks Eat? 

Do you recognize cocks space happy to take benefit of A natural easy meal?

What do Peacocks Eat?

Habitually, Peacocks are omnivores since they eat any kind that food favor meat, vegetation, etc. However, Peacocks room happy with an easy meal. In the wild, they move here and there to find for food. The wild peacocks like to consume foods like – insects, various fruits, seeds, berries, brownish, etc.

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When you room rearing them within a case, they need to need to carry out healthier foods. Below is a list favorite foodstuffs of peacocks-

Ants and also ArmpitsCat feeds & pets feed v bone and low fat, Cheese and Nuts, Scrambled eggs, Cooked rice, Grains mix v vegetable or incests, and also kitchen scraps, etc.

Now, If friend are increasing them in your backyard, ensuring a well balanced diet is vital to an excellent health. Throughout the time of bondage to gain far better health, peafowl is fed supplemented feeds. Us will talk about it later on in this article. 


Insects are one of their favorite foods. They are not fussy and will conveniently consume ants, paris insects, grubs, or nearly any other bugs. There space different types of insects or other foods that are had in the peacock’s diet, somethings are not insects however are often noted in the same category. Generally, peacocks will scrape the soil looking for worms and other little creatures and also that is uncovered.

Ants, Centipedes,Crickets,Locust,Millipedes,MiceScorpions and Termites, etc

Vegetables & Fruits

In the wild or captivity, castle consume eco-friendly lots of eco-friendly vegetables & fruit and seeds. They choose to consume seeds, herbs, and also some flowers.

The beans, peas are also included together food items. Peacocks might spill tomatoes, bell peppers or fruit aside to get to the seed bounded.in peacock’s diet, cantaloupe and also watermelon have big seeds that contain necessary nutrients. Usually, they room doing so in their search for seeds. 

Green grass, Grass seedsPapaya,Watermelon, Cabbage,Flower petals,Pineapple core,Leafy greensScrambled eggs, Bananas, Celery,Cooked rice,Carrots tops,Kitchen scraps etc.


The list of legumes is huge. However, this birds space fond of many of them. Likewise, Beans, Peanuts, and also Peas room the usual foods for capacitive peafowls.


Berries are among the favourite fruit that peacocks. But they do not only eat new berries, back they also eat the insects that assemble around small ripe fruits. As well as blackberries, raspberries and also grapes room consumed whole, together with such wild variants as huckleberries, gall-berries, and muscadines

Amphibians and Reptiles

They like to eat little Amphibians like frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. Reptiles favor snakes, lizards, and other little animals. Besides, snails and slugs are among the many favorite foodstuffs of peacocks. Castle have influenced many people to believe that periodically peacocks pick flowers. In the timeless reptile sects, historically linked with the of modern-day amphibians is dubbed herpetology.


Grains are referred to as the plants that came from cereal grains. Besides, the cereal grains room the food developed from the grass seeds choose rice, burly, wheat, sorghum, corn, etc. Like many other birds these kinds of crops are a common food source of peacocks. Lock love to eat corn, wheat, and also other grains. Despite you can also include commercial granary feeds because that poultry or cat in their diet.

Pet Food

During the time of captivity, peacock prefers a supplemental diet of pets food or breed boy feed. In the state of breed cub feed, castle are only eating save grains, grapes, and bread. While pet food such together dry cat food or dog food includes extr minerals and also nutrients that might not it is in readily available through ordinary scavenging.

However, don’t carry out pet food that is also salty and also fatty.

Commercial Bird or Poultry Feed 

In captivity, you have the right to be fed them commercial bird or poultry feeds. Many of these feeds room grain. They choose to eat cracked serial such together oats and also corn etc. However, they also need come consume insects and vegetables.


They seem come love cornbread. However, us will imply to pressure it. Besides, don’t carry out wasted bread.

What perform Peacock Drinks? 


Like other pets or birds, it calls for freshwater. In fact, you have to readjust the water everyday and administer edible water. Usage 3 or 4-gallon water containers. In the winter season, you require to administer warm water. 

Fruit Juices and also Sauces:

You deserve to feed them with various fruit juice and also sauces. 

Apple Juice & SaucesBarry Juice & Sauces 

What not to Feed your Peacocks? 

Here is a perform of food the peafowl may consume but it in reality does injury than good. Also it reasons death. 

Too fatty foods items – Chocolate and also Avocado, Junk food- pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Oily or fat foods,They dislike drink like- tea coffee or alcohol,Moreover, don’t administer rotten feeds and also daily food wastages. 

Feeding Peafowl for getting Health and Weight

Feeding Peafowls

Mixed foods items like 1) grain blended with meats, 2) vegetables blended with insets, or grain can ensure safer nutrition. The Wild peafowl, have actually an omnivorous diet. At the time, they eat seeds, green grass, pests, and small lizards. 

In captivity, Peacocks need at the very least 20% protein to it is in healthy and represent health. We have been viewed some peafowl boosters recommend as high as 32% protein then some go with lower. In the center ground over twenty percent appears to it is in safely agreed. However, dried cat food is a an excellent source of it.

but it has actually less protein and some dog foodstuffs contain no animal protein. We deserve to see, bird seizing animal protein to appear to breed better.

Feeding in Summer

In the summertime, these free-ranging birds have large pens with lots of vegetables. It will ensure many of their necessary protein from insects and also other gnats the they eat.

On the various other hand, as soon as the weather is hot, they like to dring common temperature water. 

Feeding in WInter

In the wintertime, lock will need extra proteins. Right now you can select to feeding turkey starter and also breeder pellets. However, in winter castle will require shelter and edible water.

If you room rearing them, you need to emphasis on proteins. To ensure protein, fresh meats room recommended. However, when the case is bad, girlfriend may encompass commercial protein supplements in their diet.

What execute Baby Peacocks Eat?

What execute Baby Peacocks Eat?

Regardless the the age, they must consume foods. Together like other birds, the baby chick follow your mother. So, in such a case, you have to ensure a shallow or tiny depth bowl. Besides, make sure the waterer is easily accessible for them.

From the first week of their birth, begin feeding castle insects, worms. They require special care for healthy and balanced growth. However, you need to ensure a good amount the protein in their diet. Therefore, it will be useful to carry out cat foods or high-protein game bird starter. However, ns will imply you to avoid pet foodstuffs as it is also fatty or salty.

Now, when they’re 3 month older, friend don’t need to carry out different foods items for them. Instead, that have the right to be offered with adult bird foods.

The finest Feeds for Peacocks

There space different varieties of bird pellets and also grains are several of the options. You can check approximately locally to check out what is available. Moreover, below are some typical commercial feeds that they seem come enjoy…

Here is a perform of encourage peafowl treats:

FAQ about Peacocks Food and Drinks: 

It seems that there’re many misconceptions around them. Besides, together they are omnivores and also has different food habit than many other residential birds, learning about them is difficult for most of the people.

Do Peacocks Eat Snakes?

Yes! wild peacocks like to eat tiny snakes. However, the is no the favourite one. However the reality is they are destined to be an anime of each other. The peacocks will certainly not tolerate line in their territory. Moreover, lock will select to struggle immediately.

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Do Peafowl are Attracted come Garden Flowers? 

Yes! they space attracted to white flowers. Besides, their favorite foods encompass seeds. That means if the flower or plant produces edible seeds, it will certainly be at a high risk. Therefore always try to save them away from sunflowers, or soybeans.

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Final words: 

Growing peafowls space a bit an overwhelming if you are in the beginning of the person stage. Mostly as result of their feeding habit and also process. 

Now, at this stage, i recommend feeding mainly incests, meat, and vegetables. And later friend can add or subtract foods to enhance their diet list.