Peacocks are one of the many strikingly beautiful pets on the planet and also are famed for your iridescently colourful feathers that consist of some 60% of their complete length. Peacocks are huge birds v a 1.5m wingspan, and they surely require a big dose of nutrients to save their plumage in check, so what do peacocks eat?

Peacocks space non-fussy omnivores and also will eat most plant foods such as seeds, grains, berries, vegetables and also fruits and also insects, arthropods, little lizards, snakes, frogs and rodents. They call for a high-protein diet to keep their feathers healthy and also generally have solid appetites.


There space three types of peacocks; the Indian peafowl, eco-friendly peafowl and Congo peafowl. The word peacock describes a male peafowl from any of those species, whereas peahens room female peafowl. Peacocks are finest known for their famously impressive plumage. Not just are the feathers themselves extremely long, but the colours space exceptionally bright and also iridescent. Peafowl space ground roaming birds, and though they’re perfectly able come fly, they can’t fly long distances.

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Instead, peafowl much much choose walking, which is why lock pretty easy to train to not fly off when kept together pets. Lock forage many of your food indigenous the ground, too, and also as big birds, peacocks require considerable and diverse diets.

Read top top to uncover out much more about what peacocks eat and also other interesting facts around peacock diets!

What perform wild peacocks eat?

Peacocks - male peafowl - space omnivores and also are not well-known to it is in fussy eaters. V their short, spicy and powerful beaks, peacocks have the right to hunt a selection of tiny animals consisting of lizards, snakes and also rodents. They’ll likewise hunt and also eat arthropods such together centipedes, millipedes and scorpions and all way of insects. Berries, seeds, grains, plants and flower petals are all conveniently consumed through peafowl.

Maintaining all of that plumage needs some major energy and nutrition, hence why peacocks call for a high-protein diet that contains meat, primarily from insects. Whilst tiny insects are consumed easily by any wild peafowl, they no afraid the hunting and killing tiny snakes, rodents, arthropods and frogs.


What is a peacock's favourite food?

The most important features the a peacock’s diet room nutrient diversity and quality. These space not an easy birds, and also they’re relatively large too, which method that your dietary needs are pretty demanding. Legumes and vegetables space a certain favourite the peacocks that will happily munch ~ above ample beans, peas and also leafy greens.

Berries and fruit administer a sweet dose of vitamins, whereas meat such together dried mealworms and also larvae is additionally essential for included protein. Whilst it’s normally not important to feed a captively bred peacock rodents, amphibians and also lizards, they will certainly eat meat kitchen scraps.

What perform peacocks eat in the winter?

Peacocks have actually a steady diet all year round as they don’t migrate or stray too far from your territories, so lengthy as they feeling safe. Many of nutritious protein-rich foodstuffs keep peacocks at their healthiest. Peafowl are hardier than world tend come think they are, but they still must be kept warm and also well-fed in chillier winter climates.


Do peacocks eat snakes?

Since they spend a lot of time foraging top top the ground, peacocks room wary of any type of predators that share their territories, consisting of snakes. With their short, an effective beaks and large, sharp talons, they’re really capable of death snakes.

In fact, in India and Sri Lanka, peacocks are offered for King Cobra insect control! Peacocks aren’t pushovers in the wild - they need to survive some quite perilous conditions in their Southeast Asian, central American and main African jungle habitats.

Despite looking an extremely well-to-do and also prim-and-proper, peacocks are rather aggressive and are ready and willing to fight, especially when something or someone intimidates their young. Castle can provide a nasty peck v their strong necks and also have an effective talons for defence, digging, foraging, and also gripping snakes and also other pets whilst castle eat them.

Do peacocks eat rats?

They absolutely can, if lock can record them, that is. Peacocks are non-fussy omnivores and also will eat pretty much every little thing they can obtain their beaks into, consisting of rodents. Rats are agile and tend to it is in alert come danger, however if lock did uncover themselves challenge to confront with a peacock, climate you’d an intricate this huge bird to have actually the top hand!


Can peacocks eat bread?

Bread is not strictly negative for birds, yet it’s also not particularly good for castle either. If birds are overfed ~ above bread, climate they’ll no be motivated to consume the an ext nutrient-rich foods that they need to be healthy and balanced - not as well dissimilar to humans then! Peacocks definitely need a protein-dense, nutrient-rich diet. Since they no fussy eaters, they’ll most likely appreciate a wide an option of food that alters throughout the week.

What carry out baby peacocks eat?

Baby peacocks - or peachicks - space weaned by your mothers till they’re able come forage themselves. They’ll probably select softer food whilst they’re quiet growing and avoid confronting and eating snakes, lizards and also larger insects until they’re a bit bigger.

In captivity, peachicks are frequently fed video game bird mixes, together peafowl are from the same family as many game bird such together pheasants. Peachicks space omnivores indigenous the outset and will likely consume a many soft insects such together larvae and also ants. Peachicks grow reasonably quickly and are quite big when they hatch, around the size of a fully-grown quail, but they’ll take over 2 years to reach maturity. Peacock feathers can take part 4 year to fully grow.


Do peacocks eat meat?

Peacocks space omnivores and also certainly eat meat. Meat provides the peacock v the protein-rich diet it needs to preserve its splendid plumage. The meat clip of a peacock’s diet is insects however they’ll fairly happily eat small lizards, rodents and frogs.

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What execute peacocks drink?

Peacocks, like other birds, only ever before need to drink water. Birds the consume substantial quantities that insects or other water-rich foodstuffs don’t need to drink much, if at all. Peacocks room quite huge birds, though, so they will need their very own clean water supply as they won’t continue to be adequately hydrated from their food alone.