Football football player are regularly seen wearing a black color substance under your eyes. Football player wear eye black, grease, or a strip that is inserted under the eyes. This eye black is valuable to seeing properly, specifically on bright days.

Eye black color is a grease substance that’s placed under athletes’ eyes to help deflect the sun from your eyes, which permits the players to see clearly without squinting.

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In this article, we will present you why football players wear black paint under your eyes and how you deserve to too.

What Is The Eye paint Football players Wear?

Eye black color comes in two forms, stick-on strips and roll-on substances. Over there is no one better than the other; it’s all preference from the player. Over there are number of options accessible to placed eye paint on your face.

Roll ~ above Eye Black

This is the many popular type of eye black. It comes in a rollup tube, comparable to chapstick, which have the right to be applied by pushing onto the skin.


The applications is a black type of grease that is applied directly to the skin. The black color grease on the skin mirrors the light, i m sorry would generally be absorbed into the skin.

Eye black color Sticky Strips

Exactly together advertised, they have actually a sticky adhesive on the ago that sticks directly onto the skin. Tradition eye strips were made famous by Tim Tebow, i beg your pardon has scriptures verses written on them. Tradition wording eye black was shortly outlawed by the NCAA. However, the eye black color stickers, which have the right to befound here, room still legal come wear.

Stick-on strips are good for players that don’t want to apply the grease substance directly to your faces. Of course, the downfalls room the strips falling off or no sticking since of the sweat.

It’s necessary to make sure the eye black color stickers continue to be on your challenge while you’re playing. We recommend wearing this stick-on eye black color pieces in practice very first before friend wear castle in a game.

Poorly make eye sticker labels will often autumn off if they’re not placed on effectively or if the player sweats too much on their face.

If you’re searching for eye black stickers that room reliable, us recommend exploring these stickers.

Why perform Football football player Wear Eye Paint?

Deflect The Sun

The scientific research behind put on the eye black, as mentioned, is to deflect the sun. Below is a an excellent visual from of just how it works:


Another excerpt from their website detailing the science of eyeblack:

All light, whether natural or artificial, deserve to be reflected off of a surface to create glare. What surprises many people is the reality that among the strongest reflectors of irradiate is one’s own skin,particularly the area under the eye.

With the human being eye lodged under a cheekbone extended by reflective skin, us are normally trained to disregard the expanded cheek throughout normal everyday vision. However, if a straight light resource hits the cheek, a distracting glare is created by the enjoy of the light right into the eye, causing us to squint.Squinting reduce both one’s field of vision and also clarity that sight.In a hyper-competitive sporting event, this unwanted glare have the right to mean the difference in between victory and defeat. This is why football players put black under their eyes to mitigate the glare


Players often wear slick eye black as a layout cosmetic. Players have been well-known to put crosses, X’s, and even numbers listed below their eyes.

The an ext eye black on the confront doesn’t have to mean far better protection against the sun. Players have likewise been recognized to paint their faces totally black with the eye black. It’s just a tactic because that players to shot to intimidate your opponent.

Often, university or high school players will usage stripe point out or repaint their faces with what seems prefer “war paint.” This also does not help absorb the sun however rather is one intimidation tactic.

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If you’re a football player the plays v bright lamp or the sun that is repeatedly shining, eye black will be your best option to absorb the sun.

Athletes that don’t usage eye black will be more prone come squint when they’re trying to either record the ball, throw the round or obtain a signal native a coach.

Both the roll-on eye black and the stick-on eye black color will occupational the same as the sun will be absorbed into the skin and allow for almost full vision throughout a bright work or night.

Related Q & A

Where have the right to I to buy Eye Black?

We introduce the devices above,Eye Black, together the product come buy. They’ve solidified their ar in the market as the height eye black color manufacture. Your product likewise lasts the entire game, without melting or running down your face. Girlfriend may likewise find eye black color at your nearest sports retailer.

What are Eye Black stickers For?

Eye black sticker labels are offered to defeat sunlight and also ensure no glare brought about by the sun. They’re ideal used on sunny days or in ~ night through bright lights.

Players will also wear these if they don’t want to paint the eye black on their faces directly. This can be because that skin factors or if castle don’t want the eye black color to run.

Players who consistently wipe their encounters with towels will frequently smear your eyes black color if they decide to wipe it with a towel. The eye black, comparable to make-up, will certainly run if the player starts to sweat profusely. If you’re someone who sweats frequently, the eye black might be a hindrance to her play.

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Where perform You apply The Eye Black?

Eye black need to be applied 1-2 inches listed below the eye and 1-2 inches external the nose. It’s essential not to acquire the grease directly in your eyes, together it may cause blurriness and irritation.

How execute I get Eye black Stains the end Of Clothes?

Eye black is grease. Use soap or any kind of time that grease remover to eliminate the black stain indigenous the clothes.