Chipmunks are several of the cutest animals around as long as you room not do the efforts to save them the end of your garden! I have actually fun feeding the little guys and seeing how much they deserve to stretch out those beloved cheeks.

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Chipmunks will certainly eat a wide range of foods however they have their favorites and also one of lock is pretty strange! over there are likewise a couple of foods the they tend to avoid as well as some foods that you have to never feeding them.


So you desire to know, “What do chipmunks eat?

Chipmunks generally eat vegetative food sources including grains, nuts, seeds and also fungus. However, chipmunks are omnivores and also are recognize to sometimes supplement their diets with earthworms, tiny insects and also bird eggs.

There are over 25 varieties of chipmunks that live in different geographies and terrain so they will not every share the precise same diet.

Some species, such as the Hopi chipmunks that you discover in the west Colorado and also Monument sink area are mostly herbivores the really love Juniper berries. Various other species, such together the Eastern squirrel are better described as omnivores the will readily climb trees searching for bird eggs.

What do Chipmunks Eat in her Garden?

If you are trying to store chipmunks the end of your garden then you are fighting a losing battle. Rather than try to keep them out of your garden friend will need to adapt to your presence.

The website Davy & Tracy has great guide on plants that chipmunks will not eat and plants that squirrel love based upon years of suffer gardening follow me side a little herd of chipmunks. Part highlights native the guide include:

Chipmunks stop plants v fragrant foliage, have actually hairy leaves, or room toxic.Chipmunks love tulips and will either dig out and also eat the bulb or will certainly eat the emerging shoots.Chipmunks will certainly eat any kind of tender seedling so do not bother trying come sprout/start plants in the garden.

Many human being report that squirrel are really fond of tomatoes and they will wait till just prior to the tomatoes space perfectly ripe before they begin nibbling.

Winter Food Sources

In the winter chipmunks eat miscellaneous nuts and also grains the they stashed inside their burrow in the fall. According to Kent McFarland, a biologist with the Vermont facility for Ecostudies, the winter food stash for chipmunks is about eight pounds worth of food.

Chipmunks survive winter by performing a amendment hibernation called a torpor. When the weather it s okay cold a chipmunk will certainly retreat to its burrow, drastically slow that metabolism and heartbeat and also go into a hibernation prefer state. Every couple of days the chipmunk will certainly awaken and also take the time to eat a small food and also eliminate waste before returning to the state of torpor.

What can You feed Chipmunks?

For the health and wellness of the squirrel you should be responsibility of what and how lot you room feeding. If you want to feeding them peanuts climate make sure they are unsalted. Peanuts are also very calorie thick so please execute not feed too many. Small pieces the fruit or also a handful of oats would be much better feeding options.

With a small patience you have the right to train wild chipmunks to eat from your hand. Every wildlife expert will tell you that hand feeding a wild animal is a negative idea but I understand if you want to gain a squirrel to seize a peanut from her pocket.

If you do want come hand feed a chipmunk then there room two things you must be aware of; your safety and their health.

From a safety perspective you have to keep remind yourself that chipmunks space prey animals that are naturally skittish. If they feel trapped and threatened when you are feeding them then they will certainly bite you. While you carry out not need to worry about catching rabies native a squirrel the bite is tho going to hurt and runs the real risk of turning into a nasty infection.

Commercial squirrel Food

According to the Royal culture for the prevention of Cruelty to pets a healthy diet because that a pets chipmunk should consist of about 50% grain grains such as oats, corn, wheat and also barley. Your food have the right to be supplemented with fresh vegetables and also fruits such as tomatoes, bananas, carrots, apples, pears, and also sweet potatoes.

There is a company called “Sugar Gliders USA” that sells a premium mix designed because that chipmunks and also squirrels. You re welcome make sure your pet likewise has access to some kind of bone or antlers so they have actually a source of calcium as well as a tough substrate to gnaw on.

What about Newborns?

If you have rescued one orphaned infant chipmunk and are make the efforts to figure out what to feed it then you need to skip this article and also jump over to this Complete treatment Guide for infant Chipmunks.

The treatment guide details just how to make sure the infant is warm, stress free and hydrates in addition to what come feed, how regularly to feed and also what need to be excellent after each feeding.

Strange but Important Food Sources

Chipmunks, choose all members the the squirrel family, are rodents. A specifying characteristic of rodents is the their former incisors never stop growing. Together a result chipmunks need hard substrates like animal bones or antlers come gnaw on. The gnawing keeps their teeth sharp and also short while additionally providing a source of calcium.

Another monster fact about rodents is the there digestive tract is inefficient in converting foods into digestible important nutrients. Lot of the conversion occurs in the lower digestive tract however that section of the digestive mechanism does not absorb nutrients really well. This outcomes in rodents pooping the end a nutrient affluent stool which lock then turn around and also eat. This process is dubbed coprophagy.

So, basically, chipmunks should eat bones and also poop as component of a well well balanced diet.

What not to feed Chipmunks

Just because you and I eat junk food go not mean that we must trick little animals right into eating these items. I know that it would be hilarious to watch a squirrel munching under on a Cheeto and also getting his paws extended in orange cheese dust yet you would not it is in doing him any type of favors. Please do not feed any kind of processed foods to wild animals. Processed foods are negative for people and worse for animals.

If you want to feed peanuts climate make sure that they are UNSALTED.

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Lastly, if you put out fruits prefer peaches and plums then eliminate the pits first as there room reports that these space toxic come chipmunks.