The cheetah is a fascinating big cat varieties native to Africa and main Iran. It’s the fastest land animal on earth and known because that its speedy capacity to take down prey. Through a slender body, superior eyesight, and also the capacity to camouflage, castle are natural hunters.

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Cheetahs space intelligent and also knowledgeable of your limitations. Although they eat a wide selection of wildlife, they room strategic in how they hunt, and also what they select to walk after. This provides them among the most successful afri predators.To learn much more about their diet, tactful searching approach, and also need for speed, keep reading.

Where do Cheetahs Live?


Cheetahs mainly inhabit Africa, with little remote populations likewise found in southwestern Asia. The many abundant populations reside in African herbal reserves and parks.

They camouflage us in tall grasses and mostly live and hunt in open grasslands and also bushy areas. Male cheetahs periodically live in packs, called coalitions. Female cheetahs room solitary unless increasing cubs. Infant cheetahs will continue to be with their mother from 0 to 18 months.

A Cheetah’s Diet is composed of new Meat


Like all various other members of the cat family, the cheetah is carnivorous. They largely hunt medium-sized antelope such as springbok, gazelles, impalas, and also wildebeest. They will additionally prey top top rabbits, birds, and also warthogs.They like fresh kill, and also seldom scavenge pet remains they go not catch themselves. As soon as hunting, cheetahs have the highest success price of recording Thomson’s gazelle. This argues that this form of antelope is their favorite food source.

They execute not eat vegetables, however, they might chew grass once experiencing stomach issues.

What perform cheetahs drink?

Cheetahs drink water from rivers and water holes. Water is scarce in their herbal habitat, therefore, they only drink as soon as every 3 or four days. They likewise obtain water indirectly from your prey’s body fluid.

Do cheetahs eat giraffes?


Due come a giraffe’s big size, cheetahs usually carry out not hunt them. A giraffe can injure or death a cheetah by kicking it. The only possibility the a cheetah eating a giraffe is if the is young and without its mother.

Do cheetahs eat lions?

Cheetahs carry out not eat lions. Back the cheetah is faster, the lion is larger and also stronger. If approached through a lion, a cheetah will likely run for its life.

Do cheetahs eat elephants?

Elephants room very huge in size, and also it would certainly be impossible because that a cheetah come hunt lock down, even when hunting in a pack. The just time a cheetah will think about eating an elephant is if the is currently dead and also other food sources are scarce.

Do cheetahs eat humans?

Cheetahs carry out not eat humans. Although most people picture cheetahs together being strong predators, in reality, they have actually slender bodies built for speed, not power. A human’s elevation will discourage them indigenous approaching. An hurt cheetah is a dead cheetah, therefore they don’t take risks.The only circumstances where castle might strike a person is as soon as threatened, or in self-defense.

What execute cheetahs eat and also drink once they’re cubs?

Cheetah cubs space blind in ~ birth, which makes them totally dependent on their mom for food. Until the period of three to 6 months, the cubs drink your mother’s milk because that nutrients. At 3 months that age, lock will begin to eat meat.They discover to hunt from their mother beginning around 1.5 month of age. By the moment they are 6 months, the cubs will certainly attempt come hunt young gazelles and hares. At 15 months old, castle are usually prosperous hunters.

What animals eat cheetahs?

Although the cheetah is in ~ the height of the food chain, a few more wild predators outrank it; mostly the lion, leopard, and also hyena. Cubs are particularly vulnerable, however, these animals will pursue adult cheetahs as well.

How lot Does a Cheetah Eat?

An adult cheetah have the right to eat as much as 10 kg the meat in a day. However, eating that lot every day is uncommon. On average, they consume 2.8 kg that meat every day.

How frequently do cheetahs eat?

How regularly a cheetah eats relies on how successful that is at hunting. Typically, adult cheetahs eat once every 2 to five days. If a mrs cheetah has cubs, it will certainly hunt daily to provide enough nourishment because that itself and also its cubs.

Where execute cheetahs eat?


After a cheetah makes its kill, that assesses the terrain. Other African predators will certainly attempt to drive a cheetah away from that kill, for this reason it should be ~ above the constant lookout to prevent detection.
They will certainly yield their capture to a larger pet to stop confrontation. A cheetah counts on its speed to hunting prey, and also it will starve if injured.If the doesn’t see an brewing threat, it can rest for 20 to 30 minutes to capture its breath prior to eating. It will certainly either eat its food where that made the kill or traction it to a shaded hiding spot.

How perform Cheetahs Hunt?

The method that cheetahs hunt is quite spectacular. They depend on their speed and also agility. How rapid does a cheetah run? Their optimal speed is approximately 120 km/h and also they can accelerate indigenous 0 to 100 km/h in just three seconds.

To choose their prey, they count on their impeccable eyesight. When they spot their target, they quietly sneak increase on it. Then, they chase after the animal and also trip it utilizing their curved dewclaw. Lastly, castle drive your canine teeth right into the neck to suffocate it.To escape the warm of the day, morning and also early afternoon is the cheetah’s favorite time to hunt.

Do cheetahs hunt in packs?

Male cheetahs occasionally hunt in packs, when female cheetahs hunt solo unless accompanied by her cubs. When searching solo, cheetahs seek medium-sized pets that sweet no more than 56 kg.About 50 percent the a cheetah’s diet consists of younger prey. A load of masculine cheetahs can tackle larger prey and will occasionally go after ~ adult animals.

What Do various Cheetahs Eat?

Cheetahs eat the pets that roam in their habitat. Therefore, their diet depends on the food resources they have available to them. There room four subspecies of cheetahs in the world. 3 live in Africa, while one, the Asiatic cheetah, stays in Iran.

What carry out South african cheetahs eat?

The Southeast african cheetah is indigenous to east and southern african countries. Castle are at this time the most typical subspecies. Namibia includes the largest population of wild cheetahs in the world, followed by Botswana.The south African cheetah greatly preys top top antelopes. Their preferred types is springbok and nyala. They likewise hunt duiker, impala, puku, oribi, kudu, gemsbok, wildebeest, and steenbok. Small fast animals, such as Cape hares, comprise their diet as well.

What do Northwest afri cheetahs eat?

The Northwest african cheetah, likewise known together the Saharan cheetah, is indigenous to the Sahara and also the Sahel. Their appearance is quite different from other African cheetahs. Your coat is virtually white in color and much shorter in length and also their face has couple of or no spots.
They prey on the antelope types in your habitat, which consists of the addax, dorcas gazelle, rhim gazelle, and also dama gazelle. They additionally hunt smaller mammals, favor hares.

What carry out Tanzanian cheetahs eat?

The Tanzanian cheetah, likewise called the East afri cheetah, lives in Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda. If it offered to it is in classified as a distinctive cheetah subspecies, due to the fact that 2017 it has been subsumed to the Southeast african subspecies (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus).The bulk of the population lives in the Serengeti and also the Maasai Mara nationwide Reserve. They are the oldest and the largest in size of the four cheetah subspecies.Their diet mainly contains Thomson’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle. On occasion, they will also hunt hares and small rodents. Package of males will certainly go after bigger animals, like impalas, wildebeests, and topi antelopes. Solo female cheetahs like to hunt smaller antelopes.

What do Sudan cheetahs eat?

The Sudan cheetah, also called the Northeast african cheetah, lives in south Sudan and also Ethiopia. They have the darkest colored fur of every subspecies and the biggest sized heads.They prey on Grant’s gazelles, Soemmerring’s gazelles, hartebeests, Barbary ostrich, guineafowl, Cape hare, and also plains zebra.

What carry out cheetahs eat in zoos?

A cheetah’s food source changes once living in captivity. In zoos, lock eat horse meat, chicken, beef, rabbit, and meat-based feed particularly designed for your diet. If separated from their mother, cheetah cubs will drink cow’s milk.

Cheetahs – Africa’s Speedy and also Agile Hunters

The cheetah is a truly magnificent creature v a body uniquely adapted for speed. With long limbs, a narrow build, and a functional spine, they space lightning fast. What renders them more spectacular is their capability to practice risk assessment and also know your limits.

They are constantly in track with their atmosphere and always on the lookout. You deserve to keep your eyes open for these incredible pets too through booking an afri safari.

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