Prince Shōtoku with his two sons, Prince Eguri (left) and also Prince Yamashiro (right). Source:Wikipediaathttps://tinyurl.com/ycg7k95m.

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This module was occurred for a seventh-grade world history and location class, particularly to address Tennessee conventional 7.09—Explain exactly how Japanese culture changed with Chinese and Korean impacts (including Buddhism and Confucianism) as shown in the constitution of Prince Shōtoku and the adoption of the Chinese writing system.”

However, part or every one of the module is applicable to middle school world background and/or geography classes somewhere else if beforehand Japanese background is component of the curriculum.

Estimated module length:Two ninety-minute class periods


China to be the first Northeast Asian society to construct a written language, which to be transmitted, along with Chinese social practices, to the peninsula we understand today together Korea. The country that became Japan to be the last large regional object to acquire written Chinese and also other elements of Chinese culture. Back Chinese records shown that a federal government mission saw what is this particular day Japan about fifty-seven years before the usual Era, proof of the Chinese creating system showing up on the Japanese archipelago dates ago to sometime between the 2nd and third centuries CE. The objective of this module is to introduce students to far-ranging early Chinese impacts on Japan.


Students will:

Identify elements of Japanese culture such together government, language, and also religion the were affected by contact with Korea and also China.

Explain how and why the Japanese assimilated aspects of Chinese culture.

Explain just how Japanese created language (kanji,hiragana,katakana) advanced from Chinese.

Analyze the constitution of Prince Shōtoku to determine Buddhist and Confucian influences and also explain the constitution’s significance.

Prerequisite knowledge

Students will need to recognize the straightforward principles that Buddhism and also Confucianism. They will also need to understand the an interpretation of the ide “imperial bureaucracy” in China. Finally, a familiarity with the Sui and Tang (T’ang) empires will assist students recognize Chinese influences on Japanese culture.

Introductory activity

Estimated time: ten minutes

Students will be asked to generate a list of indigenous they think are Japanese in origin, and also then the class will identify the connections between the words. Example: Sushi and also hibachi are both pertained to food. TheFluent UJapanese language and society blog post, linkedhere,has a list of native that would be familiar to many students

Ask college student to think about how the Japanese words native the list became used in unified States.

Explain to students that trade, cultural exchange, and military encounters room often avenues through i m sorry language is shared.

Show student a map of east Asia. Have them hypothesize which countries would likely share language or other facets of culture with Japan.

Author’s keep in mind on course discussion

Students to be able to create a perform of twenty Japanese words, includingsamurai,katana,tsunami,sushi, andhaiku. Students instantly thought of 5 words but needed a few minutes the wait time to think of added words, includingShintō,sumo,anime, andkaraoke. Students were quickly able to name trade and also entertainment as reasons for Japanese indigenous to get in American English. Students needed some tenderness prompting to remind them around the presence of U.S. Military personnel in Japan due to the fact that World battle II. I uncovered it beneficial to personalize this part of the lesson v anecdotes around my aunt, who worked for a Japanese company in the at an early stage 1980s, and a girlfriend who offered in the Navy and also was stationed in Japan for a couple of months. Students were climate able to make their very own connections with the words and also share their very own anecdotes.

Class No. 1

Activity No. 1: advancement of the Japanese composed language

Estimated time: thirty-five minutes

Show theAsia because that Educators’(AFE) videos “Four facets Borrowed native China”(forty-nine seconds)and “Japanese usage of the Chinese writing System”(four minutes, twenty-five seconds).

After the town hall both videos, discuss the following vital points with students:

Chinese to be the an initial and only written language known in Japan.

At first, all Japanese government documents and histories were written specifically in Chinese.

In the so late ninth and early tenth centuries, syllabaries calledkanawere adjusted from Chinese characters that allow Japanese words and foreign lend to it is in written.

As talked languages, Japanese and also Chinese are really different, so using Chinese personalities to write a number of Japanese indigenous was no a practical choice.

Next, have students review theAFEessay “The created Language.” ~ students read, have actually them generate a perform of an essential ideas around Japan’s writing systems. The perform should include the vital points above, also as added points:

Japanese has three separate sets of symbols for writing: kanji, hiragana, and katakana.

Kanji: countless characters borrowed from Chinese writing, each v a different meaning

Hiragana: Forty-six "smooth"-style voice symbols provided for inflammation endings, grammatical particles, and other Japanese words

Katakana: Forty-six "block"-style phonetic symbols provided for writing foreign loanwords, foreign names, and also for emphasis

Students must learn 881 kanji in primary school school and a full of 1,850 by the moment they graduate from high school.

Having icons that show both sound and meaning gives the language flexibility

Author’s keep in mind on course discussion: after ~ viewing the videos and reading the essay, students were able to articulate most of the main points noted above. They to be shocked to learn that primary school students have to master 881 kanji. Students spent some time discussing the merits of having twenty-six letters in English matches thousands of personalities in Japanese. Most students believed English was lot easier. One student pointed out that English has numerous blends that need to be represented by much more than one sound, and letters that space silent and also spelling rules through multiple exceptions. Complying with her comment, the course consensus was that both languages have actually their own unique obstacles for learners. One student quipped that that he to be going to avoid complaining to his English teacher. College student also provided that Japanese may be created vertically or horizontally, which lock found really unique.

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Activity No. 2: writing kanji

Estimated time: forty-five minutes

Print out duplicates of the kanji exercise foundhere. If college student have accessibility to tablets or laptops, friend may administer them with the attach to the exercise. This will allow them to zoom in on the symbols, which have the right to be very helpful. Have actually students finish as numerous of the class exercises together time allows. You might wish to carry out students through unlined record for their practice exercises.

This task can be perfect in the classroom utilizing markers or simply ordinary pencils ~ above paper. However, if you deserve to arrange because that students to use calligraphy brushes, ink and calligraphy paper, it will include a great deal to student understanding and enjoyment of the lesson. Brushes, ink and file can it is in purchased financially from a number of sources. You perform not necessarily require a brush because that each student. You might want to collection up five or 6 stations through brushes, ink and paper. Have actually students exercise the practice at their workdesks using pencils. You deserve to monitor your progress and send students come the squid stations in groups. This procedure will take slightly longer but will enable you to carefully monitor the usage of ink. Remember come tell students to wear old clothing for this lesson, or provide them through aprons or smocks to defend their clothing.