Grey pants are an especially popular as an alternate to marine suits. Nevertheless, it’s not straightforward color to have the ability to match v your shoes. Consequently, we’ve crafted this guide so you will know exactly how to effectively coordinate her grey trousers properly.

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In this guide, you will certainly learn just how to complement grey shoes and trousers. Scroll under to read it all or use the links listed below to run ahead:

We additionally offer a certain guide for light grey pants if required. Alternatively, if you desire to learn about different shoes or trouser shade coordinations, head to food selection below.




How To match Your Shoes v Grey Trousers

Shoe Coordination GuidesClick a shoe color to watch its best trouser matches:Black | Dark Brown | irradiate BrownBeige | Burgundy | eco-friendly | Grey | navy | Orange | purple | Red | WhiteTrouser Coordination GuidesClick the trouser shade to check out its ideal shoe matches:Navy | Grey | JeansBeige | black |Blue | Brown | irradiate Grey | Olive | Tan | Red | White

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Matching Shoes v Grey trousers Overview

If the marine trouser is every gentleman’s workhorse, the grey trouser is its partner in crime. Girlfriend can’t live there is no a pair of this puppies.

For the functions of this article, we’re introduce specifically to tool grey and also charcoal grey trousers. these shades often tend to play nicely with similar shoe colors and are incredibly versatile.

For ours younger readers, us recommend the dark grey be the an initial suit they purchase, and also it’s one of the items in the capsule wardrobe. 

They’re at sight versatile, however they’re not going to go with every shoes under the sun. Check out on for detailed analysis.

NOTE: There are exceptions to every rule. Usage your great judgement, and feel free to leave united state a comment if you have actually questions!

Read on for complete explanations and also reasoning that the over coordination suggestions. Or, click here to go view our Ultimate shoe & Trouser color Coordination Matrix showcasing exactly how to match any color pair of shoes with any type of color trousers.

How To coordinate Grey Trousers With different Shoes

Best shoe Matches



Wear it come a wedding, a funeral, a job interview, a day in ~ the office, or a very first date. Grey trousers with black shoes is as standard and simple as the gets. Girlfriend can’t miss and you’ll it is in safely, as necessary dressed because that anything.

Technically the boots pictured over are black through grey, black being the primary color. The grey wool is smart means to tie earlier into the trousers, and also a two-tone shoe is constantly fun.


Dark grey pants are fairly lacking in color, therefore it’s pretty to have actually a business-appropriate shoe color to pair through it. Burgundy shoes room a lovely reddish-brown that gives the grey new life and opens your outfit’s accessory potential up.

Dark Brown

This is our favorite shoe come pair v grey trousers. It’s simple, looks great in any setting, and offers same formality to black with remarkable style. Try it with a blue shirt and burgundy tie. Wear simple lace-ups to a meeting through a big client, or shot on some suede tassel loafers after work.


A pairing similar to that of navy shoes v navy trousers, grey-on-grey provides unorthodox refinement. Just make certain it’s a pretty dark grey pair the shoes!


Grey trousers will certainly take unique to whatever shade is put next to them. While we don’t introduce it for higher-stakes company settings (sales meetings, because that example), this is a pairing you can wear to an average day at the office, and also certainly out for drink afterward.


Yeah, purple shoes and grey trousers. We claimed it. Be advised that this is really just for casual outfits, together purple shoes v a grey suit may look a little ridiculous. Still though, try this out with a deeper the shade of purple, like plum.

Acceptable shoes Matches


Keep it casual, but this combo have the right to work if you’re careful. Dark grey should obtain a loden green, while medium grey can acquire somewhat brighter green. We don’t recommend dressing this up because that business, yet it have the right to be fun for an evening out.

Light Brown

Our preference is because that dark brown, but light brown shoes through dark grey trousers will certainly still work. A tool grey trouser will certainly be done the many justice in this scenario.


As always, this is a casual, warm-weather (or tropic climate) option. Save the pants noodle or linen, and also tailor lock well.

No-Go shoe Matches


There’s a whole lot the “blah” walking on through this combination. Avoid it and save the beige shoes for lighter colored trousers.


Orange is just too much for grey. You might even walk so far regarding describe it as clownish. Review our write-up on orange pair of shoes to learn about better pairings, and steer clean of this one.

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It’s no that red and also grey don’t pair fine together. Heaven knows many of us have actually worn red ties v grey suits and also have looked good doing so. Red shoes, however, are naturally casual and look much better with tan, beige, or blue pants. We suggest that girlfriend wear miscellaneous else v grey trousers.

Free Printable Download For reference At Home

You deserve to download a cost-free copy of our shoe and also trouser matrix featured ~ above the key coordination web page below:

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What Next?

Now the you have actually read about the exactly how to complement grey trousers through shoes, examine out some related guides below: