Players like Jennie Finch remind united state of the dreaded Corona Virus. The reason we say this is because they come once in a generation, yet when castle do, they take it everyone’s breath away.

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But, don’t it is in mistaken since we say it with the finest of intentions.

Jennie Finch

Furthermore, according to many, Jennie is the best female soft ball pitcher ever before to pat the game.

And, judging by her list of records and also achievements, one would be foolish enough to argue with the fact.

Scroll on down as we have actually an article around Jennie that will certainly cure your boredom during the lockdown duration due come the Corona Virus.

Here, friend will discover information on her personal and experienced life and also various various other subjects.

Quick Facts about Jennie Finch

Full NameJennie Lynn Finch Daigle
Popular AsJennie Finch
Date of BirthSeptember 3, 1980
Birth PlaceLa Mirada, California, U.S.A
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCasy Daigle
ChildrenTwo Sons and A Daughter
Sons’ NameAce Shane

Diesel Dean

Daughter’s NamePaisley Faye
Age40 years Old
ProfessionSoftball Player (Retired)
FranchiseChicago Bandits, university of Arizona
Height6 feet (1.83 m)
Net Worth$2 million
Awards, Medals, & Honors2009 world Cup Champion

2009 USA softball Player of the Year

2010 all NPF Team(Team USA)

2010 NPF continual Season Champions

Silver medalist at 2005 human being Cup

Silver Medalist in ~ 2005 Japan Cup

Gold medalist through USA softball at 1998 junior Superball

Silver medal winner with USA softball at 1999 small Women’s human being Championship

Gold medalist in ~ 2006 ISF civilization Championships

Gold medalist at 2007 Pan American Games

2009 Japan Cup MVP

2009 Japan Cup Champion

2010 human being Champions

2010 civilization Cup Champion

Participation in Olympics2004 Athens

2008 Beijing

Medals won at OlympicsGold Medalist for softball at the 2004 Summer Olympics hosted in Athens

Silver Medalist for softball at the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted in Beijing

Online PresenceTwitter,Instagram,Facebook
Last UpdateAugust 2021

Jennie Finch | early on life, family members & High School

Born to parental Doug Finch and Beb Finch on September 3, 1980, Jennie Finch flourished up in La Mirada, California together a kid. Back in the days, her father, Doug, to be her an initial inspiration and coach in softball.

Finch through her mother and also daughter

Besides that, Jennie grew up v her 2 older brothers, Shane and Landon. Together, the 3 siblings would play softball whenever they had actually the chance. In fact, Finch began playing through her brothers due to the fact that she was five years old.

Talking around her high college years, the 39-year-old was a star player for La Mirada High School in countless sports.

To illustrate, Jennie lettered twice in basketball and volleyball and also another four times in softball.Added to that, she was also the captain the all three teams.

Jennie Finch | job (College & Professional)

To speak the least, Jennie had one that the ideal college careers of every time. Throughout four years v the University that Arizona, Finch set many records. For example, she collection for winning most consecutive gamings at 51.

Also, she left the regime as the leader in shutouts, strikeouts, innings pitched, and also tied for no-hitters (8). Furthermore, Jennie was likewise in the top-10 in RBIs, home runs, and walks.

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As a result, the University the Arizona retired Finch’s jersey number 27 to respect the best female softball player in the university’s history. Moreover, the consciousness took location on May 9, 2003, at Hillenbrand Stadium.

College Stats

Finch finished her 2001 season v Arizona Wildcats through a pitching record of 32-0 and also established the NCAA record. Once she posted a 3-0 record in Oklahoma City, she to be honored v the title of the most outstanding player.

She recorded an ERA of 0.54 the led she to the fifth no-hitter of her career. She recorded a 29-2 in the year 2000 through 0.79 ERA, earning All-America honors because that the very first time.

Finch taped a fielding portion of .983 in 297 chances as a very first baseman. She walk 3-0 and also an ERA that 0.35 in Regionals, receiving the compensation of most Outstanding Player because that the second time.

Moreover, she hit .353 and also four doubles, a home run, and also six RBIs the led Arizona Wildcats to victory in the Regionals.


When it pertains to Finch’s professional career, the is together wonderful if not an ext than her college stint.

To illustrate, Jennie tho holds the league’s season ERA crown while play for Chicago Bandits in the National pro Fastpitch (NPF).

Moreover, the 39-year-old additionally pitched two perfect games versus the Philadelphia Force and the Akron Racers in 2009 and also 2010, respectively.

Besides that, Jennie likewise leads the NPF in career WHIP and ranks in the top-10 because that ERA, strikeout ratio, fielding percentage, and also time in strikeouts.

Finch spent all her expert career through the Bandits.

Thus, for she glorious five years through the franchise, Chicago Bandits, similar to Finch’s college, additionally retired her jersey in acknowledgment of she achievements.

After she retirement in 2010, Jennie has appeared in assorted TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Celebrity Apprentice, and also Pros vs. Joes, to surname a few.

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But the doesn’t end there because the 39-year-old has likewise modeled for the Sports portrayed Swimsuit Edition. Thus, every we have the right to say is the Finch is one talented lady.


When it concerns her global career, Jennie has won two medals in ~ the holy grail that sports, the Olympics.

Likewise, Finch winner the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens when bagging a silver at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Jennie Finch | Age, elevation & Horoscope

Jennie to be born in the year 1980. Hence she is 39 year old in ~ the moment. Likewise, the blonde beauty is an American by nationality together she thrived up in California.

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Moving on, Finch stands in ~ 6 feet (1.83 m), yet the information worrying her weight has actually been retained a secret.

During her playing career, Jennie played together a pitcher and also a perfect one at that. In fact, the 39-year-old is an Olympic yellow medalist.

And, about her horoscope, Jennie share her birthday on the 3rd that September. Together a result,Finch is a Virgo.

Likewise, Virgos usually possess attributes like patience, kindness, and also creativeness, amongst others.

What is Jennie Finch salary | net Worth & job Earnings

As of 2021, Jennie has a $2 million network worth accrued from her career together a previous softball player and also color commentator.

Moreover, she was thought about by countless as the ideal softball pitcher throughout her ear. Hence, Finch commanded vast salaries earlier in the days.

Moreover, after ~ retiring, Jennie also worked together a shade commentator for ESPN.

Likewise, follow to various sources, ESPN commentators knife a yearly value of $20,000 to $100,000.

She also won a yellow medal in ~ the 2004 Olympics, for which she obtained $37,500 and also $22,500 for a silver- at the 2008 Olympics.

Is Jennie Finch still married | Husband & Kids

The an easy answer is yes, Jennie is quiet married and also happier 보다 ever. Talking about her marriage, she had a wedding proposal fitting for a Hollywood movie.

To elaborate, Finch’s husband, Casy Daigle, suggest to her at the University of Arizona’s softball field, which is also her alma mater. In one interview, Jennie quoted,

“He blindfolded me and also took me come the mound and also said, ‘You have actually been the queen of the diamond for four years. Now I desire you to be the queen of mine heart.”

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Since then, the pair have carried three offsprings into this world. Similarly, Ace Shane was born on May 4, 2006, while Diesel Dean took birth top top June 19, 2011.

The 2 lovers welcomed their third child on January 12, 2013, and named she Paisley Faye

Jennie finch family

As the now, the family of 5 are like best friends. Added to that, lock constantly walk on vacations and posts the on Jennie’s Instagram handle.

Thus, in the end, us would choose to great the Finch family all the an excellent fortune and hope the they stay safe.

Jennie Finch | Autograph

Here’s a photo of Jennie Finch’s autograph:

Jennie Finch’s autograph

Jennie Finch | Empowerment Award

The Jennie Finch Empowerment compensation is offered to young female athletes that succeed in make an affect in the community with their integrity, humility, motivation, leadership, and also commitment.

The award is detailed by ARM and also HAMMER to 4 young women each year who succeeds in make a positive influence through your engagement in softball.

In 2021, that was decided that the winner of the Jennie Finch Empowerment award will get a college scholarship precious $10,000, courtesy of eight & HAMMER, and a pilgrimage to the 2021 human being Series.

Jennie Finch | social Media Presence

Instagram: 484k followers

Twitter: 172.1k followers

Common Queries around Jennie Finch

Did Jennie Finch strike out Barry bonds?

Yes, Jennie Finch struck out Barry Bonds. She additionally struck out other MLB legends choose Albert Pujlos, Alex Rodriguez, and Mike Piazza.

She once proclaimed that she has faced much more than 35 major-league players, and also only 2 of them can ever do contact against her.

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How rapid did Jennie Finch throw?

A soft ball thrown by Jennie Finch took the exact same amount that time to reach the plate as it takes because that a 95-MPH key thrown from an MLB mound. Moreover, she threw it with motion and rotation that MLB players space not / were not supplied to pick up.